Netflix: Top 5 of the best series inspired by the universe of Dark

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Dark ended several months ago on Netflix and fans had to say goodbye to the characters. However, other series of the same genre are worth a look. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

Dark is already sorely missed by Netflix subscribers . Several years ago, the channel put online a very mysterious German series. Indeed, in the show, fans were able to follow the story of two children who suddenly disappear in a small town. Very quickly, four families looking for these children saw their lives turned upside down.

The public has been able to discover the many secrets of these families over the seasons. The fans were treated to several flashbacks and the story is very well put together. What appeal to subscribers looking for dark and mysterious series. Not to mention that the casting somewhat amazed the public.

Nonetheless, Dark fans got to see the latest episodes on Netflix a few months ago. They therefore find themselves as orphans although for the majority, satisfied with the final. So what can we watch after such a series?

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First of all, the Equinoxe series on the chain is worth seeing. This series comes straight from Denmark and highlights Astrid, a young woman who investigates the disappearance of her sister twenty years earlier. The synopsis is reminiscent of Dark’s and is meant to be just as mysterious.

Equinox was released on December 30, 2020 on Netflix and therefore contains only one season. Fans will be able to discover this six-episode show while waiting for a possible season 2. Then, on the channel, the public will also be able to look at Stranger Things. The series with Millie Bobby Brown is a huge hit and we can understand its success.

This series tells the story of a group of boys who meet a strange little girl, Eleven. The latter has escaped from a laboratory in the town of Hawkins and has powers. For his part, the young Will Byers suddenly disappears without leaving any trace behind him. The show contains both mystery and action and highlights the spirit of the 80s.

On Netflix, fans will also be able to discover the Danish series The Rain. Six years after the arrival of a deadly virus that wiped out half the population, a brother and sister are trying to find shelter in this world that has become chaotic. The series contains three seasons and is over.

Then, among the series on Netflix, we can discover Orphan Black. This series contains 5 seasons and we follow the story of Sarah, an orphan who witnesses the suicide of a woman. She discovers that the victim looks a lot like her and subsequently learns that she has clones. Action and mystery are the hallmarks of this series!

Finally, The OA series is also well worth a look. It contains two seasons and we follow the story of Prairie Johnson, a blind woman who mysteriously disappears. Seven years later, the latter resurfaced and regained her sight.

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