Netflix Receives Death Threats For One Of Its Movies

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

The streaming platform Netflix is so popular that many of its films cause controversy, but now they have even received death threats.

Mosul is a Netflix original movie released in 2020. It is the directorial debut of World War Z and Deepwater Horizon screenwriter Matthew Michael Carnahan. The story follows a rookie cop who joins an elite SWAT unit patrolling the streets of the war-torn Iraqi city. They embark on a dangerous mission.

The action thriller was very well received by critics and made Netflix’s top 10 most viewed list in many countries since it premiered in November 2020. However, multiple cast members have since revealed that they and their Families have faced threats on social media from people claiming to be affiliated with ISIS.

“When I posted on my social media that the movie was coming out, the first day there was a lot of ISIS,” says star Suhail Dabbach. “They put a lot of videos and bad words. Like, they said, now we know you, and you have to take care of yourself. Every day, touch your head to make sure it’s still on. They said: We know where you live and we will contact you ”.

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This has greatly concerned those responsible for the film.

The threats were taken seriously as the producer Joe and Anthony Russo, AGBO and Netflix have hired internal security personnel to monitor the players in case someone tries to fulfill his promise of violence towards them. Hopefully the threats are only through social networks and do not go any further.

The cast of Mosul of Netflix highlights Thaer el-Shayei, Waleed Elgadi, Hayat Kamille, Suhail Dabbach, Mehdi Lamrini, Ben Affan, Adam Bessa, Abbas Abdulghani, Mohamed Attougui, Youssef Tounzi, Mohimen Mahbuba, Qutaiba Abdelhaq, Isaac Elias, Ahmed Ghanem and Faycal Zeglat.

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