Money Heist Season 5 : Beginning Of The End

Mamta Panda
Mamta Panda
Money Heist Season 5 : Beginning Of The End

Money Heist Season 5 part 1 , is finally out , fans are having mixed emotions about  the show , but the show’s main target was achieved , when fans get the feeling of the beiginning of the end. The show has been dramatic throughout and has keep the mark of the series . The 5th season has already made up their fan’s mind to be ready for the end. This 1st part of the final season has many such scenes which indicated the beginning of the end out which the top  3 scenes  are :

1. Alicia Shots the Proffessor , and threatens the proffesor to disgorge the truth

In the final season of Money heist , Proffessor is under the red light of  Alicia the police officer  and the group is still trying to catch up with the proffessor but are failing.  Alicia is all firm to get truth out , and is trying her best to do it , but ofcourse we cannot underestimate Proffessor the master mind. Alicia tries to intimidate and pressurize the proffessor by threating him of shooting him , but proffessor is not yet paniced as its not the first time someone has threatened him to shoot him. Surprisingly Alicia shoots him his left leg , to proffessor had to throw up the truth , he although shares all his plans , but is never willing to give his group away.

This scene makes the viewers astonished , as everybody thought that proffessor always carries plan B .

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2. Arturo finally dead.

Arturo before getting into the heists , he was the director in the Royal Mint , and we all know that he had a love affair with his secretary Monica Gaztambide  , he betrayed her and even got her pregnant. He even exploited her and used her alot. When finally Monica asked for his loyalty  , he rejected her and refused to leave his wife. Arturo even sexsually assaulted another captive , a bank employee named Amanda .

Monica finally ended up in the bank robber gang the heist.

Yes  , it happened  finally.  The double-dealer of the group Arturo is finally dead by the only person by whom he should be dead.

3. Tokyo’s Codename meaning

Tokyo’s real name is revealed in the final season of the show . Silene Oliveria is the real name of  tokyo ,  it was revealed in the same Tokyo’s real name is Silene Oliveira, a fact that Money Heist viewers discover at the same time as the police in season one, when she and Rio (real name: Aníbal Cortés) are spotted on CCTV casing the Royal Mint before the job had started. Tokyo reveal that why she  chosed the name Tokyo.

Which is a astonishing fact for audience.

Tokyo isn’t overly troubled about her real name being public knowledge because she had little to return to in her civilian life; her mother had been her only family and she passed away shortly before the heist began.

However, there was a time when Tokyo did have someone in her life that she deeply cared for and that relationship was instrumental in helping her decide on a codename.

3. Tokyo’s Smirk

Tokyo’s smirk  is the most famous and can be considered as show’ s top , tokyo’s sharp mind is very well displayed in the show.She even catches a grenade and throws it back to the opposition , Tokyo’s performance in the whole show can be considered worth it.


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