Mika Singh: Singer’s health deteriorated, loss of crores due to negligence

Mika Singh was on world tour these days, many concerts were going to be held in different countries. But his health deteriorated.


Mika Singh’s health: Devastating news has been released for Mika Singh admirers in the Bollywood music business. Singer has been ailing for a while. Due to his health, he is stranded overseas. He has given information about this. Infection in Mika’s throat. In a 24-year career, Mika Singh said in an interview with the Hindustan Times, “This is the first time. I am not feeling well, so I had to postpone my performance. When it comes to my health, I’ve always taken great care. But I performed two performances straight in the US. Didn’t rest at all. My health began to deteriorate as a result.

Thousands of crores of rupees were lost by the singer

Due to an infection in the singer’s throat, he is not even able to perform in the concert. He has lost 15 crore rupees as a result of this. In such a situation, Mika Singh said that he has suffered a loss of Rs 10-15 crore. He has also had to refund a lot of people’s money as he was unable to appear in the performances. Some folks gave me a lot of encouragement and let me lip sync and sing using a CD, he added. The hard effort up to this point, the image, and the reaction are all ruined.

Mika Singh is doing a tour all around the world

Mika Singh was on a world tour these days, he was going to have many concerts in different countries. Recently he was performing in Dallas (USA). He experienced cold and heat throughout that period. It affected his throat. After that, the doctor ordered him not to go for the upcoming performance anywhere, let alone 25 hours to Australia. When the singer heals and goes back to India must now be determined. Everyone is praying for the singer’s speedy recovery.

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