Lucifer Season 6: New Trailer, Netflix Release Date & Everything We Know So Far

Rishabh Shetty
Rishabh Shetty

The story of Lucifer Morningstar (played with Tom Ellis) and Chloe Decker (Lauren German) will be coming to an end soon after six action-packed and devilishly-hilarious seasons. And while Netflix subscribers are still awaiting the second half of season five to fall, the cast and crew return to work in Los Angeles to movie season six.

Lucifer Season 6 Release Date

Lucifer bosses confirmed that the series will soon be coming back for one extra – and final – year with a tweet that read: “The devil made us do it. #Lucifer will go back for a sixth and final year. Like, FINAL final.” Later in the year, the series’ showrunner Joe Henderson affirmed that manufacturing had begun right off the rear of finishing up filming the ending of season five.

In January 2021, Tom Ellis teased fans with a behind-the-scenes snap of him exercising with his coach alongside a grinning devil emoji, causing many to believe that the actor was getting back into devilishly excellent shape because of his role as Lucifer Morningstar following a break for the holidays.

Fans’ feelings were verified in February when the celebrity in Lesley Ann Brandt, who performs Lucifer’s loyal cop Maze on the series, snapped a behind-the-scenes picture from her trailer.

As for when we can anticipate the sixth season to land on Netflix? Well, provided that season five-part B, which ended filming last year remains to broadcast, we think that the earliest could be late 2021.

Lucifer Season 6 Cast

As we mentioned previously, Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson who function as co-showrunners are equally onboard to see Lucifer season 6 cast.

It wasn’t until early July before DB Woodside confirmed he would be returning a Tweet stating:

Tom Ellis was ecstatic about his returning response: “Utterly thrilled and eager to reunite alongside you both in front of and behind the camera.”

Also attached for up 6 so far are:

  • Lauren German as Chloe
  • Lesley-Ann Brandt as Maze
  • Rachael Harris as Linda Martin
  • Aimee Garcia as Ella Lopez
  • Kevin Alejandro as Dan Espinoza
  • Scarlett Estevez as Trixie Espinoza
  • D.B. Woodside as Amenadiel

In late September 2020, Scott Porter affirmed he would be appearing in the season 5b and season. Scott is mainly famous for his role in Friday Night Lights but has also featured in Speed Racer and will have a part in Netflix’s upcoming drama Ginny & Georgia.

Lucifer Season 6 Plot

We know through interviews that Henderson and Modrovich gave that the sixth time Lucifer was not on the cards. They advised EW:

“It was very, very like when we went from 10 episodes to 16,” Henderson said.” [We were] like,’ No, that is perfect. If we do so, it’ll ruin everything! Then three days later, you are like, ‘Wait, how do we have done this?'”
Making another season gave them the chance to dive deeper into the storylines and”really investigate how our personalities end up where they ended .”

Henderson said: “It is the story we were always likely to tell, but only written much larger and to me [today ] so far more interesting that it breaks my heart to think we weren’t [initially ] going to do it this way.”

Modrovich explained that”one giant story” will play out in year six” that only needed to be informed.”

Lucifer Season 6 Trailer

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