Lucifer Season 6: Netflix Possible Release Date, Cast And Plot Details

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Lucifer Season 5 premieres on Netflix on Friday, Aug. 21, and accordingly, fans are wondering when Lucifer season 6 is arriving on Netflix.

Before we get to that, I wish to remind fans that Lucifer year 5 has more episodes coming soon! On Aug. 21, Netflix Is just adding the first eight episodes of the season. There are eight more new episodes of season 5 coming shortly.

Right now, we are expecting that it will take roughly six months from the season 5 premiere until part 2 is inserted into Netflix. Lucifer season 6 will be added to Netflix sometime after that.

Looking at the situation at this time, Lucifer season 6 likely will not be added to Netflix until sometime in 2022. With all the production shutdowns and filming flaws from the TV and film industry, I don’t see Lucifer year 6 production starting anytime soon.

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Generally, we can expect about a year-long gap from the beginning of creation until the show is inserted into Netflix. It may be even longer than that for a major show like Lucifer. So, that is why we’re expecting a major gap between the seasons.

That shouldn’t be too big of a deal, though. We’re seeing part 1 of season 5 in August 2020, and then Lucifer year 5, part 2 must arrive in early to mid-2021. Then, we will probably have to wait until spring 2022 before Lucifer season 6 hits Netflix.

It is possible that creation can go quite smoothly, and the season could be added to Netflix earlier than this, maybe at the end of 2021. But, I highly doubt that will occur. There’s just so much doubt in the business right now, and it’s very hard to find things getting back to normal.

There’s no reason for Netflix to hurry production on Lucifer period. We know that it’s going to be the final season of the series, and Lucifer lovers are not going to abandon this series EVER, especially not due to a lengthy delay between seasons.

That’s the best prediction we can result in the Lucifer season 6 release date on Netflix right now. We’ll allow you to know more about the new season when we find out! Stay tuned for much more info about season 6!

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