Lucifer season 6 Episode Writer Mike Costa Unleashes Plot Clues

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

We’re still awaiting Lucifer season five part two to fall on Netflix, however, the show’s writers are already teasing details about Lucifer’s sixth and final season on Twitter, such as showing a number of the episode names.

On 10th December, the Lucifer Writers Room asked fans to play with a game of “Guess the Writer”, since many already knew the name of the season six premiere — Nothing Ever Changes Around This. They eventually revealed that it was composed by Mike Costa, who has been writing for the show since the very first season.

On 15th December, they decided to have some more fun, now requesting fans to guess the author for the sixth series’ next installment.

“Ready for another round of GUESS THE WRITER? Episode 602 was written by a wonderful someone who has been a part of this #Lucifer team because of Season 1 but began WRITING broadcasts for the series a little later… Who would you think it may be?” They composed on Twitter.

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Many suggested showrunner Ildy Modrovich or veteran Lucifer author Chris Rafferty, but they missed the mark…

Finally, not only was the author revealed but we got to learn the episode’s name: Buckets of Baggage, by Jen Graham Imada.

Imada did respond to the authors’ request for more spoilers, offering three emojis to describe season six’s next episode, but the ninja, lipstick and frog emojis only seemed to confuse matters further.

And, of course, the authors were not done. They went forward and revealed that the next episode’s title also, however they did allow fans to suspect on Twitter: “It’s the time! Are you super sleuths prepared to begin guessing what the title is for 603? Here is your clue:”Y**** *a*** *o *e. Good fortune!”

Writer and co-showrunner Joe Henderson said: “This is the strangest and also lightest installment of #Lucifer I have ever written. It is just plain WEIRD in all my favorite manners.”

And that is that… for now. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on the Lucifer Writers Room Twitter account for more season 6 episode names.

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