Lucifer season 5: Release Date, Plot, Cast And Everything we know about the series

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Are you patiently waiting for the continuation of the Lucifer series ? Good news, we’re revealing everything we know about season 5 part 2 !

For fans of the Lucifer series , the wait is long … very long for season 5, part 2! Indeed, Internet users are eager to find on their screens Tom Ellis , Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro and of course DB Woodside.

In August 2020, the first eight episodes of season 5 dropped on Netflix! Full of twists and turns, the fans stayed on their way… And for good reason…

Between the heated feud between the Lucifer brothers and Michael Morningstar and the violent final fight, fans want to know the rest! Indeed, the final scene of Part 1 shows Lucifer and Amenadiel fighting against Michael and Maze before God interrupts them.

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Last October, Henderson shared the details of the final on Twitter! “I watched the #Lucifer Season 5 finale and was filled with gratitude for an amazing cast, crew and editorial staff because HOLY SHIT is so amazing !! He wrote thus.


While nothing has been officially confirmed regarding the storylines, co showrunner Joe Henderson recently confessed that this will be Lucifer’s “most touching season” … Shock!

He explains: “ It’s a family affair. Dad is home and he’s not happy with what his kids have done. So that’s what we’ll explore in 5B, it’s just this family relationship and its emotional aspects. ”

But that’s not all ! There are also clues running about a musical episode … According to rumors, it will be set in an alternate 1940s universe and shot entirely in black and white .

Lucifer’s screenwriter Ildy Modrovich has made a statement too! “ We wanted to have a real story based on why they sing and dance. Not just: Oh, this will be the one where everyone sings and dances. He explains to us on this special episode.

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