Lucifer Season 5 Part 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And More Updates

Enola Garcia
Enola Garcia

Lucifer is an American TV show that initially premiered on Fox in January 2016. However, the Fox show was abruptly ceased when Netflix took over its creation from season three.

This urban fantasy TV series struck the most successful debut on Netflix in early 2020. Since that time, fans worldwide have been pretty pumped up about this series and can’t hold their fascination as to when is the release of part 2 of season 5.

The very first part of season 5 has already been outside with its premiere in August 2020. Netflix has also revealed a glance in the new half. So, to know more about the next batch of episodes, then keep reading!

Lucifer’s season 5 Release Date of part 2

It was being expected that fans will get to watch the show in February 2021 but sounds like most of us have to wait a little bit longer for part 2 but do not worry it’ll come earlier as the predictions and rumors are stating that show may make its entrance in April 2021 but there is no confirmed date as of now. We’ll keep you posted on the most recent updates associated with this particular show as always, you just need to remain educated. On account of this COVID pandemic, Netflix is at a point where it’s limited content to discuss since the production was in the shutdown state from early- to mid-2020. That has influenced the launch dates causing the delay of Netflix’s planned releases.

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Lucifer Season 5 Part 2

Guest Stars & Cast News for Lucifer Season 5 Part 2

So far, we know of several guest stars set to feature in part two.

Of course, the principal star who featured directly at the end of episode eight would be continuing his look into the second half. We’re speaking about Dennis Haysbert who performs the part of God with his inclusion in the series being declared back in January 2020.

In May 2020, we learned that Alison McAtee who is known for her work on The Haves and the Have Nots on OWN and Californication would guest star Elizabeth Newman in episode 14.

We also got the news in September 2020 which Catherine Dent who’s most known for her time The Shield on FX from the early 2000s as Dannie Sofer will appear in the musical episode as Dr. Alice Porter.

In early September 2020, we have a word of another brand new guest celebrity in the form of Teri Reeves that has featured in Netflix’s The Punisher, Once Upon a Time and Chicago Fire.

In late September 2020, caught wind that Scott Porter (who’s showcased in Speed Racer, Prom Night, and Ginny & Georgia) are incorporating at a currently unnamed function for the next half of the season, and he’ll also be featured in season six overly suggesting he is a brand new recurring character.

The fansite goes onto speculate that he could play Castiel who was rumored to go into the series sooner or later.

Here are a couple of other guest celebrities set to appear at the final episodes of Lucifer season 5:

  • Mark Adair-Rios will look in episode nine and episode 10 since Juan Perez
  • Daniel Hoetmer will appear as April Peterson in episode nine.
  • Chris Payne Gilbert will go back for the final episode after having appeared in year two as John Decker.
  • Jenny Tran will feature in event 14 as Larper Kim

What Lucifer Season 5, Part 2’S Story Will Be About

Lucifer season 5, part 1 ended on a massive cliffhanger when God came to break up the brawl between Lucifer, Michael, and Amenadiel in the LAPD. Though God had previously been voiced by Sandman writer Neil Gaiman, that co-created that the DC Comics/Vertigo Lucifer Morningstar character that the TV series adapted, the Almighty eventually appearing in Lucifer is bound to change… virtually everything.

Also, Chloe learned that she had been created by God for Lucifer and that Amenadiel delivered the”gift” that allowed her to be born, and she’s coping with this in addition to the realities of how she could make a relationship with the Devil work. Dan still must cope with learning the facts about Lucifer being the Devil while Ella has to reconcile that her boyfriend Pete is a serial killer. Additionally, Maze is trying to gain a soul while Amenadiel and Linda must figure out what their child’s mortality finally means for his future. Finally, Michael still must execute his master plan to ruin his twin brother, the Devil. So there is a huge amount of story for Lucifer season 5, part two to fix.

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