Lifetime Free Credit Card with Kotak 811: All You Need to Know About Application Process


New Delhi, 25/Oct/2023 – In a significant stride towards redefining financial convenience, Kotak811 is delighted to introduce the DreamDifferent Credit Card, a revolutionary product that empowers you to live life on your terms. This groundbreaking offering is designed to bridge the gap between aspirations and accessibility, allowing individuals to embark on their financial journey without any hindrance. The DreamDifferent Credit Card comes with the unique proposition of being a secured credit card, making it the perfect avenue for those who are new to credit or have a low CIBIL score. It’s also free for life and there’s no joining fee for this credit card either.

Understanding the DreamDifferent Credit Card

With the DreamDifferent Credit Card, dreams have no limitations. The key features that set this card apart are its simplicity and accessibility. The application process for this card is seamlessly integrated with the zero balance account opening journey with Kotak811, making it a hassle-free experience for the applicant. The whole process takes a few minutes. With just a Fixed Deposit (FD) as low as ₹5000, you can unlock the potential of a credit card that offers unparalleled benefits.

The card’s credit limit is set at an impressive 90% of your FD amount, giving you financial flexibility that aligns with your goals. As you use the FD Credit Card, your FD continues to earn interest, ensuring that you earn while you spend. This innovative approach not only helps you manage your finances more efficiently but also aids in building a healthy credit score, a crucial asset for future financial endeavours.

Easy Application Process

Applying for the DreamDifferent Credit Card is possible in just a few clicks. During the process of setting up your Kotak 811 savings account, you can express your consent for checking your CIBIL score. This step seamlessly integrates with your account opening journey. Based on your eligibility, the application process for the credit card is initiated. All you need to do is provide your employment details (there’s also an option for those who are not employed) and you’re on your way to accessing the benefits of this remarkable credit card with no joining fees.

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Unlock the Benefits of Being Different

The DreamDifferent Credit Card comes with an array of benefits that cater to your financial aspirations. Some of the standout features include:

● Reward Points: Earn 1 reward point for every ₹100 spent offline and 2 reward points for every ₹100 spent online.
● Activation Offer: Receive 500 Bonus Reward Points upon card activation and spending ₹5000 within the first 45 days of card issuance.
● Interest-Free Withdrawal: Enjoy interest-free cash withdrawals of up to 90% of your total credit limit.
● Balance Transfer: Seamlessly convert your other credit card balances.
● Fuel Surcharge Waiver: Avail a 1% fuel surcharge waiver on transactions ranging from ₹500 to ₹3000, with a maximum waiver of ₹3500 annually.
● Railway Surcharge Waiver: Save on railway surcharges for transactions made on and Indian Railways Booking Counters, with a maximum waiver of ₹500 per year.
● 811 DreamDifferent Shield: Benefit from a ₹50000 cover against fraudulent usage.

A Boost for Your Financial Journey

For those without a CIBIL history or with a low CIBIL score, the DreamDifferent Credit Card offers a promising avenue. Opening a Kotak811 Zero Balance Savings Account online requires no income proof or salary slip, providing accessibility like never before. This credit card, backed by a fixed deposit, grants you a credit limit of 90%, enabling you to build your credit score while reaping the benefits of interest-free cash withdrawals, rewards on all purchases, and a lifetime of fee-free credit card usage. And last but certainly not least, you continue to earn returns on your deposit.

DreamDifferent Credit Card is the epitome of Kotak811’s commitment to simplifying finance for everyone. It stands true to the institution’s belief that financial freedom should be accessible to all, regardless of their financial background or history.

For more information and to apply for the DreamDifferent Credit Card, visit the Kotak Mahindra Bank website today.

Disclaimer: The DreamDifferent Credit Card is subject to terms and conditions. The credit limit is provided based on your fixed deposit amount. Terms and conditions apply.

About Kotak811

After the events of November 8, 2016, which fundamentally altered the nature of transactions in India, Kotak811 was designed to streamline banking and enable complete online access. Kotak811 was launched on 29th March 2017. As one of India’s first full service, truly digital banks, it offers customers a simple and convenient way to open a savings account and transact digitally using 180+ features on its Kotak811 Mobile Banking app, from home or on the move.

With “digital” at its heart, Kotak811, a financial company, made its debut on March 29, 2022. Its core values are to always research India’s banking issues, come up with new ideas to close these gaps, and encourage Indians to switch to a banking style that gives them complete control.

Kotak811 has customers from 1,000+ Cities & Towns covering over 10,000 pin codes, across the country. Every 5 seconds, a new Account is opened digitally. Interestingly, more than 50% of 811 Accounts are opened outside banking hours. Kotak 811 offers instant account opening in 3 mins and KYC via video call in 5 mins.

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