Legacies Season 3: The Interesting Story That Rafael Will Have In This New Installment

Rishabh Shetty
Rishabh Shetty

As revealed with the Legacies season 3 premiere, Raphael comes from a very old royal bloodline, which could encompass a history with King Arthur.

The second episode of Legacies season 3, has revealed that Rafael ( Peyton Alex Smith ) comes from a royal bloodline, in which he is a descendant of King Arthur.

This perhaps confirms why Rafael was able to remove Excalibur from his stone at the premiere was a pretty big clue, but it’s nice to get an official confirmation.

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The same producer of the series, Brett Matthews, has confirmed what is about to happen with Rafael’s story, after wondering so much, where he comes from and who he is.

“Finding out that you are connected to a real bloodline is an unexpected answer to that question. So he is finally beginning to discover all the things he ever wanted to know about himself, including the origins of his family. “

While Chad’s fate remains in the air. The Necromancer’s main motive for killing Chad is clear: it was an effective way to get Alyssa ( Olivia Liang ) to accept eternal servitude.

Legacies has been shedding clues that Alyssa is heading down a dark path. But, now it opens the door to another great story with Rafael.

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