‘Legacies’: What to expect from Rafael after the great revelation about his origins

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

The season 3 Legacies has already seen the light in CW and is today available on HBO , so the followers of the ‘spin-off’ of Vampire Diaries and The Originals have already been able to resume the action which left him necessarily that it incidentally, the second installment of the series. If you are a fan of the science fiction series ‘teen’, you will know that season 2 of Legacies had to end abruptly as a result of the paralysis of the industry due to the Coronavirus crisis, so that the third installment to which we finished to welcome you will first have to close some plots before getting to work with new events.

Thus, the format of season 3 of Legacies promises to be something different and original, since, after all, it practically debuts with closings, final twists and revelations that, had the pandemic not occurred, would have been part of the end of the previous season.

The first episode of the third season, ‘We’re Not Worthy’, actually made a great revelation about Rafael ( Peyton Alex Smith ), who was able to extract the Excalibur sword from the stone in which it was stuck without anyone being able to remove it and got rid without too many complications, and making use of it of course, the Green Knight.

What does being a direct descendant of King Arthur mean for Raphael’s future? How will this big reveal change the character? About this has spoken the ‘showrunner’ of fiction Brett Matthews in statements to TVLine . “The episode was actually about the squad coming together in Hope’s absence, so that moment for Rafael was obviously a big thing,” explained about the importance to the character.

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“He’s starting to find out everything he’s ever wanted to know about himself,” explains Matthews. “Including his family origins. He really felt like the perfect person who comes in and saves everything.” According to the ‘shworunner’, Rafael has always wondered about his origins because it is something important to him and that will completely mark his future and his plot from this moment on.

“It is his journey to have, in some way, what we all take for granted, which is to have a normal family and an understanding of where we come from and where we are going to go as a result. him and something that is going to be profoundly important to go and what happens from there. “

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