Kibho Cryptocurrency: Your Path to Profitable Cryptocurrency Ventures

ezra Dural
ezra Dural

In the dynamic realm of digital marketing and the ever-expanding cryptocurrency landscape, Kibho stands out as a promising contender. This article delves into Kibho cryptocurrency, providing a comprehensive overview to ensure you’re well-informed about this intriguing platform.

Kibho Cryptocurrency: Your Path to Profitable Cryptocurrency

Introducing Kibho Cryptocurrency

Kibho, officially recognized as BMUU and Kibho Technologies Pvt Ltd, is a cryptocurrency platform holding a license from the Indian government. Established in May 2020, it calls the vibrant city of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India, its home. The platform is steered by two directors, Nirmala Kilaparthi and Venkatrao Kilaparthi.

Kibho has introduced its exclusive cryptocurrency token, aptly named Kibho cryptocurrency. As of now, this token is valued at approximately INR 1621.58. However, it’s vital to acknowledge the volatile nature of cryptocurrency values, which can fluctuate rapidly. Kibho doesn’t stop at cryptocurrencies; it also offers digital products such as the K Wallet.

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Essential Details About Kibho Company

  • Company Name: BMUU and Kibho Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Registered Address: D.NO. 39-33-99, PLOT NO MIG-287, PHASE-II, MADAVADARA, VUDA COLONY, VISAKHAPATNAM, Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, Pin code-530018, India
  • CIN (Corporate Identification Number): U28999AP2020PTC114616
  • Date of Incorporation: May 28, 2020
  • Official Website:
  • ROC Code: ROC-Vijayawada
  • Registration Number: 114616

Kibho operates within the Indian jurisdiction and is registered accordingly. For those seeking more comprehensive information about the company’s registration, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) in India is the go-to source.

Earning Profits with Kibho Cryptocurrency

If you’re looking to profit from Kibho cryptocurrency, the journey starts with a visit to the company’s official website for registration. Following a straightforward registration process, you’ll become a part of the Kibho community, requiring a nominal fee of INR 500. Identity disclosure is a standard procedure. Once your presence is established on the platform, you can begin expanding your network by inviting others.

Kibho extends the opportunity for users to earn profits by introducing new members to the platform through referrals. This approach involves commission payouts to users who successfully onboard new customers. In addition to this, the platform offers bonus income in the form of interest when your token holdings grow. It’s important to remember that the value of Kibho cryptocurrency is subject to market fluctuations. Upon registration, you’ll receive 2 Kibho cryptocurrencies, which can be converted into INR at your convenience.

As per the company’s stipulations, users must retain their tokens for a period of up to 100 days to yield profits, essentially transforming this into an investment system. Notably, Kibho offers distinct benefits for male and female clients who choose to open savings accounts. Females receive an extra 150 tokens, while males do not. Referring new clients with direct references also leads to commission rewards.

To take your first step into the world of Kibho, simply visit the platform’s official website,, and unlock new income opportunities.

Kibho’s Unique Business Model

Kibho functions as a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, and its entire business model is centered around this concept. To maximize your potential earnings, you’ll need to build your downline. Successful recruitment translates into commissions, paid in the form of Kibho cryptocurrency.

Upon creating an account with a minimal investment of INR 500, new users receive a couple of Kibho cryptocurrencies, regardless of gender. Both male and female users must retain these tokens for 100 days, during which the platform offers a noteworthy 1.66% profit.

Referral Income and Ad View Profits

Referral income hinges on your ability to create an ID on the Kibho platform. The earnings are contingent upon your direct referrals and the level you’ve attained. When you successfully refer a new member to the platform, and they activate their account with INR 500, you stand to gain a commission. Users can accumulate commissions over 25 downline levels, with initial levels offering 30 Kibho tokens and subsequent levels providing increased rewards. Beyond referrals, you can also generate income by watching ads on the platform, gaining 2 Kibho tokens for each ad viewed.

Awards and Rewards

Kibho takes pride in recognizing and rewarding individual achievements. These rewards serve to promote platform growth and acknowledge the dedication of their distributors. As you hit specific milestones, you become eligible for awards. Activating 66 accounts, for instance, earns you “Voucher 1,” which includes a smartphone. Progressing further, the activation of 132 accounts unlocks “Voucher 2,” featuring a bike. The pinnacle is “Voucher 3,” obtainable by activating 1584 accounts, and it contains a car as a reward.

Kibho cryptocurrency offers a promising opportunity for those eager to explore the world of cryptocurrencies and MLM. With various avenues for profit, rewards for your accomplishments, and an accurately structured business model, Kibho is carving its place in the cryptocurrency industry. However, it’s top that potential investors exercise due thoroughness, conducting comprehensive research before making any investment decisions. Your financial journey with Kibho begins by visiting their official website, and embarking on an exciting venture into the world of cryptocurrency.

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