Kanye West dream for his Real Estate Empire crumbles down!

Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Kanye West dream of developing one of the biggest real estates fails

Kanye West had declared his intention to become “one of the biggest developers of real estate of all time”. But breathtaking new images of his construction company, complete with bizarre, futuristic domes, show the actual scope of his waning legacy. Four years ago, West purchased sizable ranches in Wyoming and California. As well as a mega-mansion, where he lived with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. However, Knaye’s Billion dollar dreams were now no more. After he lost control and started spewing ugly anti-Semitic and xenophobic comments.

Kanye’s legendary appearance as a fashion icon and a music magnate has slowly disappeared. His real estate ambitions, including bizarre building projects with Star Wars-inspired designs, are all lost now. Shocking new images show the entire scale of his property collapse. With his Wyoming farm known as “Monster Lake” and his sizable California mansion in disarray. The skeletons of ruined artist Kanye West’s once-bold ambition to become a construction magnate are all that remain of his abandoned real estate assets, which he previously controlled from Calabasas, California, to Cody, Wyoming.

Kanye West ‘Ecosystem’ Dream at Calabasas

Kanye West has started construction on a futuristic dome after paying an estimated $3 million for a large ranch in Calabasas, Los Angeles in 2019. This has architects puzzling their heads. He built a 50-foot “Ecosystem” with the intention of housing some of LA’s enormous homeless population and used it as the stage background for a gospel choir performance piece that he later brought to Coachella. Through the Yeezy Home division of his Yeezy clothing line, which West established in 2018. The domes were designed by West. He claimed, “We are looking for architects and industrial designers who want to make the world a better place.”

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A year later, in a Forbes interview, the rapper displayed prototypes of the domes. That he and a group of designers had created it in response to their inspiration from the Star Wars planet Tatooine. He also broached the notion of burying prefabricated buildings with light coming through the top as homes for the homeless as part of his massive construction plan.

The deluded rapper thought he could create entire towns out of pods and that his “inspired” ideas would enable them to proliferate across America. West grew so fixated on the concept that, he abruptly canceled his scheduled headlining appearance at Coachella in 2019. Since the festival’s organizers wouldn’t allow him to erect his own personal huge dome there.


According to reports from October, West still has plans to build more communities abroad. He is convinced that the “ecosystem” will soon be a common sight in US neighborhoods. Although he was fired from nearly all of his partnerships, including lucrative ones with Adidas and Balenciaga. The artist has continued with his own business strategy and filed a trademark registration for Ecosystem.

Dream Shattered

But in September 2019, not long after he completed the first domes in California. Kanye West was caught breaking California housing laws without having building permission. The domes were about to be destroyed when his attempts to make it even failed. This marked the beginning of his housing problems. Even though West insisted the structures were merely temporary. The inspectors questioned why he had first built the concrete foundations. Which are now clearly visible in fresh photos that were only released this month.

Images of the “Easy Home” concept revealed a number of ominous buildings huddled together on his arid Calabasas estate. However, the California rapper’s domes are no longer visible, over four years after they were first built. His plans to refinance the building of their home have also been dashed. According to Forbes, his net worth, which was previously estimated to be worth $2 billion, has fallen to a mere $4 million.


Despite the fact that his futuristic constructions have vanished. The rapper doesn’t seem to have any intention of bringing the Calabasas ranch back to its former splendor. As seen photographs from March 2023, show that the structures surrounding him have likewise deteriorated. The site is littered with discarded items, shredded paper walls, and a broken-down four-wheel dune buggy. In stark contrast to the once-dominant billionaire lifestyle, overgrown vegetation, and abandoned construction debris surround the structures.

Kanye West’s $14 million Wyoming ranch

After buying a sizable Wyoming ranch that he had already purchased some years earlier. As he grew “obsessed” with the Midwestern state. West attempted another building experiment in “affordable housing” in his signature bombastic style. The rapper prepared to hedge his success bets with his bizarre device. Which he purchased in 2019 at a cost of $14 million.  In a second effort to build exotic structures once more. The rapper recreated his prototypes in California, substituting concrete-like walls for the wood and material lattice used on the West Coast.

Photos from July 2020 depict the farm as a hive of activity, with several trucks parked nearby as builders hammered away at the buildings. New images from “Monster Lake Ranch” however, indicate that it is essentially trapped, with its finances in ruins and reputation in ruins. The constructions are still intact, thanks to his choice to utilize a hard surface. But this month’s breathtaking aerial photographs show that they are abandoned and covered in a thick layer of snow. Which is miles away from any indications of life. In contrast to the other structures, the grey domes stand out stunningly against the breathtaking Wyoming landscape. When it was captured almost three years ago. West’s second effort to construct the huge domes was still a busy construction site with a large number of cars and employees hammering the enormous structures.

In brand-new photos of March 2023, West is shown constructing his Wyoming dome out of a substance that resembles concrete and leaving the construction standing on a deserted farm. Rapper’s abandoned domes stand up against the breathtaking Wyoming landscape. West seems to be retaining ownership of the ranch despite paying $14 million for it. The dome’s design was influenced by Tatooine, a fictitious planet from the Star Wars film series.



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