Is Neha Kakkar Expecting Her First Child With Husband Rohanpreet Singh?

Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima

Neha Kakkar is said to be one of the most popular singers and celebrities of recent times. The singer is one of the favorites and gave quite a lot of hits in the Bollywood industry which including her ” KaalaChashma”, “Kar Gayi Chul”, Manali Trance”, and many more. She also released one of her hit songs which are called “Kant Laga”. Directed by Mihir Gulati the song also featured her brother Tony Kakkar and famous rapper like Yo Yo Honey Singh. Many people are talking about the new song released as the singer of the song. But amidst all this, there is also something most of the people got their eye on, soon after the video was released.

Many audiences had a question that whether or not Neha is pregnant. And is she expecting her first child with her husband Rohanpreet Singh? The rumor didn’t just stop here, her fans also checked her or rather stacked her Instagram profile. After searching Instagram the fans speculated that she might be pregnant as she was seen wearing loosely fit outfits quite often in order to hide her baby bump.

Neha Kakkar will soon be seen in the ‘Sunday ka var episode of Bigg Boss OTT along with the singer and his brother Tony Kakkar. The two of them will be chatting or playing with the people inside the house and they will also be talking about different games and even their favorite connections from the house. They will also be seen interacting with the host Karn Johar. The reporter suggests that the singer has planned to make an over-the-top announcement about her pregnancy during her appearance.

But this isn’t the first time that people have been speculating about the pregnancy. Even last year December the news about the pregnancy left the whole country in dilemma. All this happened as she was seen cradling a baby bump with her husband Rohanpreet. Later we all found out and it got cleared that it wasn’t a baby bump and that she was not at all pregnant. All of that was for her promotion of their song ‘Khayal Rakhyakar’.

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Diving deep into her Instagram profiles the people found out the that singer was wearing loose and fully covered Salwar Kameez on Eid. This is not that of a big deal but seeing or rather assuming that she might be pregnant, this seemed to be a big thing. And all this causes extra attention as if we see closely, we see that singer Neha Kakkar in her Instagram photo, she kept her dupatta in such a way that all of her bellies were hidden. Again it does not necessarily suggest that she’s pregnant but the oddly added uprightly to all the speculation that the public was making. Not only the dupatta case that was odd to the netizens but the fact that she has been wearing quite a lot of lack outfits. She was spotted wearing a black outfit and strategically placing some objects to cover her belly.

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