Inaugural “National Conference on AI Revolutions 2023” Unveils the Future of Artificial Intelligence in Mumbai, India



Mumbai has always been a city that epitomizes transformation, and this time, it has laid the red carpet for an intellectual revolution. In its inaugural edition, the “National Conference on AI Revolutions 2023,” hosted on October 27–28, 2023, has successfully etched its mark as a pioneering platform for artificial intelligence discourse in India. The event was jointly organized by the Trans Asian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (TACCI) in their first-ever conference initiative, alongside Widyaarjan L.L.P., a notable entity in Mumbai’s educational landscape.


The event was unfurled with the prestigious company of Dr. Sanjay Bhide, the convener of TACCI, and Dr. Vaishali Wadhe, the founder of Widyaarjan L.L.P. The conference roster boasted prominent figures such as Shri. J. K. Chaturvedi, President of TACCI; Shri. Pravin Lunkad, Executive President of TACCI; and the Honorable Shri. Ramdas Aathawale, Vice President of TACCI and Union Minister of State for Social Justice and Employment.

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Over two days, the conference highlighted groundbreaking advancements in AI with keynote presentations from top experts in the field, paper presentations, interactive poster sessions, and thought-provoking panel discussions that explored the ethical, societal, and future implications of AI. Attendees had unparalleled networking opportunities with fellow researchers and professionals, further solidifying the conference’s reputation as a cornerstone for AI collaboration and discourse.


The focus areas of the conference were expansive, covering a vast terrain from Machine Learning and Deep Learning to AI’s role in Sustainability and Climate Change. With calls for papers in these critical sectors, the conference not only showcased current innovations but also fostered the development of future AI research and applications.


In a testament to the scholarly activity that the conference engendered, hundreds of scholars from across the nation and beyond seized the opportunity to publish their papers and research articles. The breadth of topics was as diverse as the participants themselves, covering critical AI domains from machine learning and natural language processing to the burgeoning field of AI ethics and its societal impact.


The heart of the conference was the keynote address delivered by Mr. Hemanth Murali a distinguished software engineer from Meta Platforms Inc., California, U.S.A.  His presentation bridged the gap between conceptual AI and its practical, real-world applications. Murali’s discourse covered the spectrum of AI applications in diverse fields such as Agriculture, Healthcare, Entertainment, and Software Engineering, highlighting the profound impact of AI across sectors.


Murali brought into focus the advancements in generative AI, referencing the likes of Open AI’s ChatGPT, Meta’s LLAMA, and Google’s Bard. He outlined the transformative effects these tools are having on technology use today and how they are shaping the future. Delving into the challenges and controversies surrounding AI, he presented a balanced view of how the industry is responding to ethical concerns, data bias, and the automation of jobs. Murali also provided fascinating insights into how AI is revolutionizing advertising at tech behemoths such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon, shedding light on the nuanced balance between consumer engagement and privacy.


The “National Conference on AI Revolutions 2023” concluded with a strong message of AI’s potential to transform industries and societies, along with a reminder of the need for responsible innovation. As the conference wrapped up, attendees left with new connections, insights, and a shared vision of harnessing AI for a better future.


For those interested, the conference proceedings, including the Scopus and UGC-Approved publications, will be made available, offering a valuable resource for those who aim to continue the conversation and propel the field of AI forward.


TACCI and Widyaarjan L.L.P. cordially invite all those passionate about the future of AI to connect and contribute to the burgeoning discourse that this conference has so auspiciously begun.

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