If you are preparing for board exam then see here easy tips, you will get better results

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If you want to get good marks in the board exam, then do not memorize any subject, but understand it. Do not use electronic gadgets and social media. Also keep reading the easy and difficult chapters simultaneously. Study by making time table. Study at least 12 hours a day.

First of all, make a plan for the preparation of the exam and decide which topic of which topic to study first and which after. Good preparation will reduce your exam stress. For this, it will be necessary to study at least 12 hours a day by making a time table. Read one chapter of each subject every day. Read the easy subject for 45 minutes, while the difficult subject should be read for one or more time. To prepare for the exam, practice hard on the old question papers and try to solve the question paper in less than the prescribed time. With this your time management will be done and it will be easy in the exam. This method will also be worthwhile to create an atmosphere of examination.

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To get good marks in the board exam, never memorize any topic at all, try to understand it. Otherwise, you will not be able to understand the question on the slightest variation of the question. Students get nervous seeing such questions. So understand the topic, do not rote. By reading comprehension, you will be able to answer every question of every subject. Do not use your electronic gadget at all to get good marks in the examination and also do not resort to social media. Keep the mobile phone away from you, make a time table for the mobile along with the time table made for studies. Use the mobile at the same time. Keeping mobile with you all the time will also distract attention and preparation will remain incomplete.

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Do revision with memorization
The role of revision is very important in the preparation of the exam. No matter how much you read, but if you do not revise it from time to time, then you can forget it. It is very important to revise the subjects for better preparation of the exam. So keep revising it regularly even in less time. Revision will also let you know your shortcomings. With this, you will not have any problem in revising even a day before the exam and you will not make those mistakes in the exam.

Learn How to Make Notes
Students should give equal time to difficult and easy chapters. Many students read easy chapters first and leave what they find difficult for later, don’t do this at all. In such a situation, it happens that less time is available for difficult chapters, for which students are not able to prepare properly. Before giving the board exam, their syllabus should be completed in any case. Make notes for board exams. Notes made by students will always help them. Whenever you read or revise, keep making notes carefully. These notes will be most useful at the end of the exam. So don’t be careless in making notes for revision. Keep reiterating your notes by setting goals every day.


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