How to Select the Correct Curling Iron Size

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

When it comes to curling irons, most of us opt for a one or two-inch barrel. However, these aren’t the only curling iron sizes available, and they may not even be the best size for the hairstyle you’re attempting. The size of a curling barrel varies according to the overall curl style. The bigger the barrel, the bigger the wave; the smaller the barrel, the tighter the curl. If you want to loosen up your curl for a more defined wave, use a larger barrel, such as 2 inches. If you want to keep your curls, use a 1 to 1.5-inch barrel.

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The more space you want between spirals, the looser the curl, and the less space you want between each twist around the curling iron. However, curl size isn’t the only factor in determining the best curling iron size for your hair; your hair type also plays a role.

Curler for Coily Hair

Use a curling iron with a 2-inch barrel if you have coily hair and want to loosen it up to create more of a wave effect. If you want to keep your natural coil and achieve a more refined look, avoid using a curling iron and instead wet the hair, apply a styling cream or gel, and twist it in sections. Curly Hair: The goal here is to smooth and defrizz curls rather than to lose them. So, look for a curling iron with a wide barrel — one with a 1.5-inch barrel or larger — and quickly run the iron through the hair to smooth and define curls.

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Curling Irons For Thin/Fine Hairs

Thin or fine hair tends to lose curls quite quickly. This is caused by the shape of the strand rather than the texture of the hair. Straight hair appears more cylindrical, whereas curly hair appears more elliptical and flat. Simply put, flatter strands hold curls better, which explains why people with thin or fine hair tend to have straighter, or less-defined curls and waves.

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To begin, use a 1-inch curling wand or smaller to create tight curls that will naturally fall to a beautiful wave. If you want your curls to last all day, use tools with infrared technology. Infrared technology allows you to create a specific style with less heat. It works from the inside out, so you can quickly reform the hydrogen bonds in the hair, defining the style while limiting overall high heat exposure.

For Thick Hair

For thicker hair, use a 1.5-inch barrel, depending on the overall effect you want. This is a good everyday size that can create both tight and loose curls depending on whether you section thicker or smaller sections.

Short Hair Curler

If you have a short hairstyle, such as a lob or bob, wrapping your strands around a curling iron may be especially difficult. While you can achieve a wavy effect by wrapping pieces of hair around a curling wand or even spinning a straighter through your hair to create a curled effect, a thermal styling brush is preferable to traditional curling irons when styling short hair. This two-in-one hot tool smooths while also providing a quick curl or wave and is simple to use on short strands.

What to Consider the most in Curling Iron?

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In addition to products and ingredients, consider the type of curling iron you have in your arsenal. Look for a ceramic-coated iron at a minimum — this will help evenly distribute heat so that no one section of the hair is overexposed, and it will limit heat damage. Another important benefit to look for? Choose an iron with heat settings and the ability to adjust the temperature. There are many irons that advertise their ability to heat up to 450 degrees, this is not good for your hair.

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Irons can get extremely hot, and we have a bad habit of subjecting our hair to unnecessary extreme temperatures. To avoid this, take “no heat” breaks once or twice a week, which means not blow-drying or curling your hair. Apply a thermal protectant lightly to the mid-lengths, paying special attention to the vulnerable ends, and look for hair care products enriched with baobab, which is excellent at protecting the cuticle from the effects of excessive heat.


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