Hair Detox: Scalp Cleansing

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

A clean scalp is more important than clean hair in terms of health. Clean hair looks, feels, and smells great, but a healthy scalp is what keeps all clean hair looking so good. Fortunately, the tools for a good scalp detox are literally at your fingertips – mastering scalp massage techniques will never fail, no matter what else you do. Hair Detox is the only lifestyle, herbal supplement for healthy hair that combats the most common causes of thinning hair, as well as unhealthy skin and nails, all while reducing stress. Hair Detox hair regrowth supplements contain the essential nutrients your body requires for detoxification as well as support of the body’s natural ability to grow hair and produce healthy skin and nails.

Find out if you need Hair Detox?

Concerned about the health of your scalp? Here are the top five reasons to incorporate a scalp detox into your regular hair care routine:

1. You wash your scalp infrequently- A scalp detox can aid in the purification of your hair follicles by dissolving accumulated products, pollutants, sweat, and daily grime.

2. You have been exposed to toxins- Increase antioxidants to limit free radical damage to hair while it is incubating.

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dry scalp

3. A new season has begun- In arid heat or freezing cold, soothe a dry scalp and slough off flakes.

4. You adore your beauty products- Prevent or relieve irritation caused by buildup after using polymers, silicones, waxes, and alcohols in your styling products.

5. You’re changing your way of life- Purify your scalp of toxins expelled through your pores if you’re on a dietary cleanse.

Detoxing hair with the right treatments: How to care for your scalp

A brush for your hair

One of the most effective tools for getting started is something you already use on a daily basis. The best way to distribute nourishing sebum through your hair is with a good-quality boar bristle brush. Of course, gently stroking the scalp with it feels great, but it also helps dislodge those dead skin cells. We recommend brushing your teeth before showering or going to bed. But keep in mind to be gentle and easy on your scalp.

A Brush for the Scalp: Detox Hair

If you don’t already have one, a silicone-bristle scalp massage brush is an excellent next step. Those with curly hair, in particular, may find a silicone shower brush useful. Use it to ensure that your products, from cleansers to masks, are evenly distributed throughout your hair and roots. A shower brush also provides a nice, safe massage and prevents your fingernails from scratching your scalp.

detox hair brush

A homemade scalp detoxification treatment

The next level of scalp detox entails applying a variety of potions that you can purchase or make yourself. Make sure your hair is sufficiently detangled so that your fingers or brush can reach your scalp before applying anything. Working in small sections will help you avoid retangling your hair.

Ingredients and Recipes for Scalp Detox

Making a scalp scrub is an excellent project for the do-it-yourself beauty enthusiast. You may already have these cleansing ingredients on hand, with a few exceptions. Experiment with a few of these treatments to see which one works best for you.

Vinegar made from apple cider

For the scalp, apple cider vinegar can kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi that cause dandruff and its more severe form, seborrhoeic dermatitis. It can also aid in the removal of scalp buildup, and its acidity will close your cuticles and increase your shine. To avoid irritation, dilute the apple cider vinegar before using. Apple cider vinegar is an excellent product for all of your hair detox requirements.

granulated sugar

Granulated sugar

When it comes to scalp care, sugar is an excellent exfoliant. It gently removes sebum and product buildup while also hydrating a dry scalp. Combine it with coconut or olive oil in your conditioner.

Black pepper

It is high in vitamins A and C, flavonoids, carotenoids, and other antioxidants that help the body remove harmful free radicals and protect against certain cancers and diseases. It is also said to have exceptional growth-stimulating and anti-dandruff properties.

aloe vera gel hair detox

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is well-known skin moisturizer, contains enzymes that break down dead skin cells and promote healing. It also has conditioning and anti-itch properties, making it useful for people who have itchy scalps. Apply the product to your scalp and allow it to work its magic.

Remember to deep-cleanse your scalp on a weekly basis. Excessive detoxification of the scalp can cause irritation. If you’re looking for new hair products that are both strong enough to support your scalp and gentle enough to use on a regular basis, look no further.

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