How important is EI in career: Study suggests

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Have you ever noticed how certain people seem to understand you better than others? They are generally pleasant to be around and avoid picking fights with others. What makes them so entertaining to be around? They may have high emotional intelligence (EI).

When we plan our professions and form relationships with others, emotional intelligence is essential. Emotional intelligence can play a significant role in a person’s work success. However, many schools place great emphasis on grades. It is critical to understand that, while grades on a report card provide some context, there is more to the tale than can be captured by scores on assignments and examinations.

Emotional intelligence is used to assist students in developing employability skills

These are the abilities that employers seek. In addition to career planning, undergraduates can benefit from EI by using it to improve their employability. The traits of emotional intelligence, which are half personality and half ability, are not set. They can be trained. When someone receives a reading on their EQ (Emotional Quotient) score, they can define and prioritize goals for improvement. This will undoubtedly help them keep their jobs and develop in their professions.

“When it comes to career planning, it can be the missing component in terms of self-assessment,” Baldwin said. “When it comes to job hunting, a resume may get a person an interview, but it is their soft skills that will win them the job in most cases.” And, when it comes to job retention, it is usually emotional intelligence characteristics that can ruin a career, often with lightning speed; thus, it is important to be aware of one’s EI strengths and issues.”

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When you’re unhappy about anything, watch who steps forward to help you feel better; you might notice someone with high emotional intelligence. Or, if you’re the one who always knows how other people are feeling, kudos! Recognize your abilities in this area and apply them in your search for successful work and happy and healthy relationships.



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