Here’s A Spoiler-filled Recap Of What Happened In Walker Season 1, Episode 7, “Tracks.”

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

While Cordell Walker is unaware of just how much risk he and his loved ones are in after a series of shocking plot twists, the stakes continue to climb because of his colleagues on both sides of this Texas-Mexico border. Here’s a spoiler-filled recap of what happened at Walker Season 1, Episode 7, “Tracks.”

As Walker prepares to get a fresh day at work, the two of his children have romantic ambitions in full swing. Stella’s fledgling relationship with Trevor is flourishing, while August contemplates requesting his friend Ruby into the high school dance. Walker checks on Micki after the arrest of her mother, Adriana, learning she’s being held on suspicion of a DUI hit-and-run. However, Micki believes this is totally false given her mother’s demeanor. Meanwhile, Captain Larry James and Liam Walker keep their investigation into Emily’s murder in Mexico, deciding to maintain their recently discovered evidence from Walker to avoid him overreacting as normal.

Realizing Ruby is seeing a boy named Todd, August turns to Trevor for dating advice as he joins Stella’s football team on the path to picture it to the faculty. August confides in Stella’s best friend Isabel, who likewise bears her current hardship for him over her parents deported. That night, the teenagers sneak out to play football and beverage, as all high schoolers do, where they are accosted by a local gang that beats up Trevor when he attempts to defend the team.

Micki bails her mother out of jail, but Adriana admits to her daughter that she committed the crime. Still suspicious, Micki and Walker explore the matter further, speaking with one of Adriana’s patients. They track down a cop named Mike that is secretly relationship Adriana, which shocks Micki, who soon accepts her mother made a mistake and is in a happy relationship. Shortly afterward, Micki and Walker are called into rescuing his children from the hooligans with Micki’s boyfriend, Trey. Trevor contemplates shooting a gang member at the confusion but decides against it while Walker shows he has grown by refusing to retaliate against a gang banger that threatens his daughter.

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Liam and Captain James look into the art gallery connected to Geri’s pub, and also the latter scores the phone number of this gallery owner. Believing the girl to be interested in him, James is unaware that the gallery curator is well aware he is a Texas Ranger. In fact, Captain James helped convict her father for Emily’s murder. While the investigation appears to be fruitless, they narrowly escape a bombing effort, ruining James’ car as the duo prepare to leave Mexico.

As August and Isabel grow closer over fireworks launched over the Texas-Mexico border that she is able to enjoy with her parents on the opposite side, Trevor accepts a petition from Stella to attend the dance along with her. August, in the Long Run, decides to go with Isabel. The fireworks trigger a memory for Micki, who visits Adriana. While there, Adriana drops the bombshell that she’s not Micki’s biological mother but instead her aunt. Micki’s actual mother, Mercedes, fought with addiction and has been paid off by Adriana to leave Micki within her custody after changing her name from Nina Ruiz. The hit-and-run accident was due to Mercedes, with Adriana carrying the blame to prevent the truth from coming to light, thereby ending Walker with the other bombshell revelation.

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