Global Seed Vault Built by Oreo In Case Of Apocalypse

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

As per trusted sources: Oreo, the world’s top-selling cookie company has built a global vault. The vault was built in 2008 and is located down a road in Svalbard Global Seed Vault. Built to withstand any natural disaster or any apocalypse that may happen in the future. Designed to combat natural disasters or sudden catastrophes. The brand said that the facility has “the Oreo recipe and a large stockpile of cookies.” They even shared the coordinates of the vault. One should surely reach and find the cookies at the coordinates 78° 08′ 58.1″ N, 16° 01′ 59.7″ E.

Vault Contains Stockpile of Cookies and Recipe

In 2020, the brand uploaded a video demonstrating the vault and showcased its creation. The video also featured several actors as Oreo executives. The video went viral and gained people’s curiosity. It appeared like an advertisement but later the brand asserted that it was all true and one can visit the vault. Following the coordinates- one can reach there in case of any global catastrophe.

oreo global vault

As per reports, the Icy Oreo vault contains tonnes of cookies in huge piles and the recipe itself. The fortress contains 3 icy chambers, each with its own temperature and humidity controls. To store the sandwich cookies in optimum conditions. The chambers are designed with durable materials to withstand any external damage or shock. The project also reminds-our hazardous relationship with our nature. Concluding the statement that we should look forward to saving our nature and be uttermost careful towards it.

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