NASA- New Asteroid Hit DW 2023 On Valentine’s Day 2046

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

In 23 years, a newly discovered asteroid the size of an Olympic swimming pool has a “slight possibility” of impacting with Earth. According to some tested sources, recently NASA’s scientists have tracked a newly discovered asteroid that has a slight chance of impacting Earth in 2046. The chances are comparatively low- about 1 in 620. There’s no need to panic. Defence Coordination Office has confirmed the chances to be very “small.” The size of the asteroid is almost the size of an Olympic swimming pool. Although the space agency analysts are keeping a close eye on the path and speed of the asteroid. The space rock is more than 11 million miles away from Earth. Scientists have named the asteroid 2023 DW. The expected asteroid is currently on top of the European Space Agency’s “risk list.”


DW 2023 Asteroid Hit with Speed of 25km/s

DW was first spotted on 2nd February. It ranks 1 out of 10 in NASA’s list of Torina Impact Hazard Scale. The scale, which is used for categorizing the metric ratio of risk factor of an object which is colliding with Earth. While other objects ranks 0 in Torina Scale. According to the jet propulsion Laboratory- “The chances of collision between DW and Earth is extremely low, almost a nil, so public do not have to worry much.” The space object is traveling about 15.5 miles per second, completing one loop around the sun’s orbit every 271 days. As stated by the Center for Near Earth Object Research, “newly found asteroids frequently appear more hazardous when first spotted.”

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