Gandhi Godse Ek Yudh trailer: Attack survived by Mahatma Gandhi

The filmmaker was ready to take back at the time of Independence when Gandhi survived the attack on him.

Nathuram Godse in Real Life

Rajkumar Santoshi making a comeback to Bollywood after a decade with the film Gandhi Godse: Ek Yudh. Rajkumar Santoshi is ready to take you back in time to what if Mahatma Gandhi survived the attack from Nathuram Godse. The trailer was released on Wednesday. Deepak Antani portrays the role of Gandhi, meanwhile Chinmay Mandlekar for the role of Godse. The trailer showcase the time when India got Independence(1947). At the time of Independence, India going through different ideologies of religion. Nathuram Godse is one of the men who are against Mahatma Gandhi’s ideologies. With the influence, of Gandhi, it is not possible to top him. So Nathuram decides to choose violence as the only option, and shoot Mahatma.

The trailer show some of the historic moment in Indian history. But the main theme of the film is what if Gandhi saved the attack from Nathuram Godse. We can see Mahatma went to central Jail to know the reason why Godse did this. Both the leaders keep their point of view. Godse believes that our country is divided into two just because of Mahatma’s decision. Meanwhile, Gandhi has a different perspective. Furthermore, in the trailer, we can witness some of the legendary characters like Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and BR Ambedkar.
Jawaharlal Nehru talks about Godse, “Godse koi bhi ban sakta hai ek din, lekin jeeven lagegenge Gandhi ban ne mein”. (One can become Godse in one day, but it will take years to become Gandhi). Tanisha Santoshi also making a debut with the film. Manila Santoshi is the producer of the film. The movie will hit the theatre on Republic Day which is the 26th of January. Filmmaker Rajkumar also doing a film Bad Boy with Mithun Chakraborty’s son Namashi Chakraborty. For more news and updates stay tuned to Interviewer PR

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