Finland As World’s Happiest Country 2023-6th Year In a Row

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Finland’s joyous run continues, with the country being named “happiest in the world” for the sixth time. It refers to itself as the “land of the midnight sun” because of its nightless days during the summer. And perhaps the additional light has influenced Finland’s attitude, which has once again been named the “happiest country in the world.”

The Nordic nation has topped the World Happiness Report chart for the sixth year in a row. Beating Denmark in second position and Iceland in third place. India was ranked 126th, while Afghanistan was ranked as the least happy country. With millions being forced into poverty and starvation when foreign help dried up following the Taliban’s takeover of power in 2021.

The analysis this year, issued three years after the coronavirus epidemic began. It surveyed 137 countries and discovered a global spike of “benevolence” in 2020, notably in 2021.

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The analysis this year, issued three years after the coronavirus epidemic began. It surveyed 137 countries and discovered a global spike of “benevolence” in 2020, notably in 2021.

Pandemic and The Struggles in Finland

finland happiest country world

“Average happiness and our country ratings, for emotions as well as life evaluations, have been remarkably steady throughout the three Covid-19 years,” one of the report’s authors, John Helliwell, said in a statement Monday.

According to the research, measurements of unhappiness “dropped modestly” over those years. And most populations around the world remained “remarkably resilient” during the pandemic. According to the report, global life satisfaction averages remained unchanged between 2020 and last year.

Countries attempting to halt community transmission of the coronavirus had reduced death rates and overall well-being in 2020 and 2021, according to the analysis. The report was created using six variables: GDP per capita, social support, and healthy life expectancy.

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Freedom to make life choices, generosity, the impression of corruption. Variables like dystopia, are standard for the world’s unhappiest country. Work commutes in the small country north of the Arctic Circle with a population of roughly 5.5 million are normally short. Leaving more time in the day for people to enjoy themselves, according to the survey. Finland has already utilized previous victories to promote tourism and its natural beauty, particularly its nightless phenomenon.

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