How Effective is Interferon Lambda, a Novel COVID-19 Treatment

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

When the COVID-19 pandemic was first discovered in 2020, scientists scrambled to develop a cure for preventing and treating the illness caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2. In part, they’ve made incredible progress in a short period. Yet, a huge question mark hangs over the future of COVID-19 treatment. Newer viral strains have rendered once-exciting monoclonal antibody medicines like Evusheld utterly worthless. Meanwhile, while the antiviral medicine Paxlovid is beneficial, it is difficult for many people to obtain.

What exactly is Interferon Lambda- New COVID-19 Treatment

Pegylated Interferon lambda is a novel injectable medication in development that is causing quite a stir. Aside from the extremely scientific-sounding moniker, the clinical trial outcomes are positive. The researchers determined that, regardless of dominant viral types or vaccination status. The probability of attending an emergency room or being hospitalized with COVID-19 was substantially reduced in those who received the medication.

What side effects can this medication cause?

dizziness side effects of covid-19 treatment

  • Bruising, bleeding, swelling, or irritation in that particular injected place
  • Muscle pain
  • Change in ability to taste
  • Hair loss
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Concentration problems
  • Feeling cold or hot

What Exactly Is Paxlovid?

Paxlovid is a medication that is administered to persons who test positive for COVID-19. It is the most recent COVID-19 treatment to make headlines. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized an emergency use authorization (EUA) for the medicine in December for anyone ages 12 and older who weighs at least 88 pounds and is at high risk of serious disease.

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paxlovid for covid-19 treatment

An oral antiviral tablet that can be used at home to assist keep high-risk individuals from becoming hospitalized. Hence, if you test positive for the coronavirus and are allowed to take the medications, you can do so at home and reduce your chances of being admitted to the hospital.

Side Effects of Paxlovid COVID-19 Treatment?

Paxlovid may not cause substantial adverse effects in the majority of persons. The medication is typically well tolerated. If somebody has any of the following indicators of an allergic reaction while consuming it, they should stop taking it immediately and contact their doctor.

  • Swallowing or breathing difficulties edema of the mouth, lips, or face throat tightness
  • A rash on the skin

stomach ache side effects of covid-19 treatment

Additional probable adverse effects are as follows:

  • A hampered or altered sense of taste
  • Diarrhea caused an increase in blood pressure
  • Stomach discomfort and muscular aches
  • Nausea
  • Feeling ill in general

Because Paxlovid is removed via the kidneys, persons with mild-to-moderate kidney illness may require dose changes. For people with severe kidney illness or who are on dialysis or those with severe liver disease, it is not recommended.

How The Treatment Is Done?

Interferon lambda therapy is administered by injection, although the Interferon lambda treatment has been compared to Paxlovid. An antiviral medicine approved for use in high-risk persons with moderate to severe COVID-19, there are notable distinctions between the two. Initially, Interferon lambda, which possesses antiviral properties, is given in a single injection.

covid-19 injection shot covid-19 treatment

Some people may be put off by the shot, but in comparison, a single shot is significantly faster than taking 30 tablets in less than a week. These two treatments also have different effects on the body. Paxlovid inhibits an enzyme required by SARS-CoV-2 to continue infecting cells in the body. It effectively blocks the virus from infiltrating healthy cells, finally eradicating the infection.

Here’s How Interferon Lambda Works

Covid-19 treatment pandemic

Interferons are proteins that can be produced by the body’s white blood cells or modified in a lab and play an important role in boosting the immune system to combat viruses and other disorders such as some malignancies and autoimmune diseases. While there aren’t many effective COVID-19 treatments on the market, Interferon Lambda may have difficulty gaining FDA approval.

While Paxlovid is effective for many patients, this may not always be the case, depending on how the virus evolves. It means we’ll need to find new ways to cure COVID-19. It is not for everyone. Whereas, Interferon Lambda is a potentially fascinating alternative. Especially because it targets a person’s immune system rather than a specific virus strain, but the road to FDA clearance may be difficult. The NEJM trial was largely conducted in Brazil and Canada, although the FDA may prefer that a portion of the trial be conducted in the United States to finalize an emergency use license. If this is the case, it may be some time before Interferon Lambda will generally be available.

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