Dragon Prince season 4: Release Date, Plot, Cast And Every Updates

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

The animated series “Dragon Prince” from the American company Netflix has caused a special delight and a lot of positive comments from viewers. Three seasons have already been released and now fans are eagerly awaiting season 4 of the beloved cartoon The Dragon Prince, the release date of which is already known.

The Dragon Prince is an entertaining animated series set in the fairy-tale world of Xadia. There are many magical powers at work on the continent, provided by six sources:

For centuries, peace reigned between elves, humans and dragons. But people did not know how to properly dispose of a large number of magical abilities, so they began to resort to dark magic emanating from mysterious creatures. This led to the pushing of people to the west and the division of Xadia in two, separated by huge flows of lava.

After 1200 years, the human king Harrow and his advisor, the dark magician Viren, destroyed the dragon king, and also tried to steal and break the egg of his heir. Filled with a thirst for revenge, the elf assassins hastened to kill Harrow and his son Eeran. People soon learned that the egg was not broken, so they try to return it to the elves to prevent war.

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The final third season had a happy ending with the rebirth of Mother Zim and the founding of an alliance between elven creatures and humans. When the human king fell off a cliff with Reila, he died. But daughter Claudia brought him back to life after 2 days.

In the new season, the relationship between Reila and Callum will be brighter and more interesting, because they confessed their feelings to each other. In the last episode, it was revealed that Rayla must return the Viren coins that were trapped by the souls of the Moon Shadow Elves.

Callum increased his magical power in order to improve his own abilities. Therefore, with a high probability, we can see him with Viren or Claudia in the final battle, which will look very epic.

Eeran feels like a full-fledged king, and his ability to forge friendships with fabulous animals and other creatures helps him keep peace in Xadia.

Dragon Prince season 4 Release Date

With the release of each season, the views grew steadily. Due to this, film critics awarded the series the title of one of the most popular fantasy shows that have been released on television. Therefore, fans are eagerly awaiting when Netflix will delight them with the release of the next – season 4. According to preliminary rumors, the sequel to the beloved animated series Dragon Prince will take place soon, the release date of season 4 is February 2021.

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