Disney Hotstar Special The Empire Controversy Continues

Mamta Panda
Mamta Panda
The Empire Hotstar Special

Disney plus hoster has released a new web series called The empire. The empire is based on the first war of Panipat, which is being portrayed in sequences, but it turned out to be a controversy to many people and filmmakers. It seems that people in India are not able to compromise with the parts in the war.

The famous filmmaker, director of many great hits like Bajrangi Bhaijan, and a great cinematographer Kabir Khan, have recently put up his opinion about the series very openly, and vocally. Seems he is very disappointed by the way the series has shown all the occurrences. He said that the series is very problematic. By problematic he meant that these types of films and series and shows that it deprecates and criticize the Mughals, which is very disappointing. The filmmaker feels disregarded that the shows and movies and the series made these days are based on the “popular narrative”  and mindset of the people for Mughals, and instead of that the shows and series of great events should be made on the basis of deep research and reality. He feels that it’s very disregarding and interrupting and that he cannot appreciate or show the respect that criticizes and demonize the Mughals, according to him they were the “original nation builders”, and should be shown respect.

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Also, the empire has created a huge impact on the fans, surprisingly many of them got offended by the series, although being shown a reel version of it. The series did not go hand in hand with fans. The fans got disappointed and offended by the way all the events and characters were shown. The netizens have started demanding to uninstall Hotstar and a hashtag of #boycott Hotstar, the audience is also demanding to ban the web show ” The Empire”, although made with a lot of effort and hard work.  “The empire” is a reel and a brief version of the first war of Panipat and has praised and lauded the Islamic invader Babur.

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The chaos in social media took a great start when filmmaker Kabir Khan called the Mughals to be the original nation builders, which made the fans very much opinionated. Users replying to that and reacting questioned that ”  “Is it necessary to praise brutal killer of Hindus, mass destroyer of Hindu temples, mass converter of Hindus!? “. Which Mr. khan has not replied to yet. It’s just a web show trying to convey in a brief the events that happened at that time.

The empire, directed by Nikkhil Advani, is a Mughal series based on Alex rutherford’s novel,  Empire of the Moghul: Raiders from the North.

According to Nikkhil history is always politically sensitive,  and that he is solely followed the book, and told that “I don’t think I am retelling any story, I am just telling the story that is there in the source material. There will be contrasting views, interpretations, people might say, ‘This other book says this.’ We are not claiming that we have been factual, we are claiming that we are following the book. The book, for all intentions and purposes, is historical fiction,”

The empire is a history, which was expected to be controversial, as people are politically opinionated.

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