The Empire Hotstar Special – Engrossing Book Comes Alive On Screen

Mamta Panda
Mamta Panda
The Empire Hotstar Special

The teaser of Disney Hotstar’s new show The empire is out, and this was so obvious that this show will end up in controversy. In the polarising world in which we live today any story that aims to showcase the perspective that doesn’t aline with one’s political thought, there is an immediate call to action to completely boycott or to shut it down.

Based on Alex Rutherford book’s “The Leaders of the North” the web series just like its sauce material is historical fiction, this technically means that all the characters shown in this show are real-life figures from the history of central Asia, but most of the circumstances and characteristics of these personalities are fictionalized. There is a creative freedom that becomes boundless with such a format which is also rather convenient if one wants to push a particular narrative.

The Hotstar Special The empire web series aims to follow the events that take place in Babur’s life, from becoming a king at the young age of 12, the never-ending accusation and loss of power, the aspiration to rule Hindustan leading to the first battle of Panipat against the Lodi dynasty and finally what will the future hold regarding the empire with specific focus to the rightful heirs to the throne.

The good aspects of the show are scale, set design, and frames, for anyone to completely dismiss this show and not appreciate its scale and vision should be absolutely criminal to the effort that goes into producing anything of such an event. The Hotstar Special The empire web series has been mounted as probably the largest investment that has gone into any television show. Not only the sequences within the palace is royal and lavish but also the attention to the details of color schemes and costumes were outstanding. The music and background sound completely capitulate the whole scene.

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The underwhelming aspects, CGI/VFX, and the technical details, while the frames are beautiful and are coupled with some impeccable production design and costumes. There is no denying in the facts that some of the visual effects of the series were very jarring to the eyes. The palaces are totally animated and actually take away from the realism that is shown in the sequences within them. Warfare also rather than making in a real location in certain sequences are clearly shot in a studio.

Also, the skipping timelines of 4 years, 18 years, and god knows how many years have literally no effect on the age of the characters. Several scenes and sequences are even the same from Padmavati and game of thrones.  Even the  Hotstar Special The empire costume design of the dome negative character of the series is the same as the costume of Ranveer Singh’s costume as Allaudin Khilji in Padmavat. The back and forth between Babur and Shebaani will look alike from the scene and remind you of Shahid’s and Ranveer’s face off in Padmavat.

Hotstar Special The empire Screenplay leading to a borefest, the series with a narrative perspective is all over the place despite the politics that it wants to convey.

The series aims to be set during the first battle of Panipat and provides us flashbacks to the original story of Babur, the family politics and the drama it unfolds may interest many.

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