ALT Balaji Web Series Crimes And Confessions Cast And Plot

Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima
Crime & Confession

Alt Balaji is back with another bold web series Crimes And Confessions loaded with love, hate, betrayal, crime, and a world full of sensuousness. The platform is known for its steamy content among the fans. With the growing popularity among viewers, the producers and show creators are moving towards more quality content, showing depth in characters and vividness in the storylines.

Do they succeed in delivering a web series loaded with all the extreme emotions holding the signature raunchiness the platform promises every time?

Let’s find out!

Crimes and confessions have been released on Alt Balaji on the 7th of August, 2021. The time of the release was 6:00 pm.

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The series consists of 6 episodes, each with a duration of 35-45 minutes. This is an anthology series that is each episode depicts a different story. As the series is titled Crimes and Confessions, we can be sure that every story is a thriller.

Here is a review of the first episode of the exciting series.

Crimes And Confessions Storyline 

The first installment is divided into two episodes. In episodes 5 and 6, we see the creators depicting the love story of Jannat and Wasim. Both are madly in love with each other. Wasim returns from the USA to pursue his love interests with Jannat.

Jannat is the daughter of a Nawaab and belongs to a very elite family of the city. The fact changes everything in their relationship as Nawaab Sahab forces her to get married to another Nawaab for his political interests.

They ultimately get married due to all the peer pressure and beneficiary interests except love. This ultimately brings all the chaos and commencement of crime in their lives and to all of those linked to the newlywed couple.

Jannat meets a dilemma when she finds out that her “Shauhar” or husband is homosexual and is romantically attached to his secretary. This homosexual couple is also in intense love.

The very fact frees Jannat from the bounds of being loyal to her husband. Both of the couples pursue their respective love interests bringing infidelity into their marriage.

Jannat starts her love meetings with Wasim. Her interest in the whereabouts of her husband decreases day by day. Rather the couple starts generating hate towards each other. Both of them confront each other relating to their respective love affairs. The realizations end up with an ugly battle opening the door to a dark world where they start committing heinous crimes.

Among all the chaos, Jannat is now expecting a new life with her love interest Wasim. The very fact sours things up even more, leading to more bloodshed.

What happens next? Are they able to untangle their lives or is it the end of everything?

 Well, the show goes with the tagline “The end is not always THE END”.

This was the plot of the first story. The series consists of more such stories expressing the human emotions of love, lust, hate, betrayal and despise.

Crimes And Confessions Startcast 

The actors do try to offer us these flavors with dedication.

We can see the following actors in lead roles:-

  • Lekha Prajapati
  • Samiksha Bhatnagar
  • Ankit Bathia
  • Prerika Arora
  • Shweta Gulati
  • Ankita Chakraborty
  • Ashish Trivedi
  • Pradeep Duhan
  • Aarti Gupta
  • Ashmith Kunder
  • Sushant Kandya
  • Manoj Singh Kaira

Alt Balaji deserves appreciation for showcasing more same-sex relationships in the series. They always offer what they promise which is filling a story with as many steamy scenes as possible.

Still, the series requires much depth in the characters and the storyline.

If you are looking for a series loaded with bold content and thriller is your genre, tune into Crimes and Confessions. You’ll not be disappointed.

Crime & Confession Release Date 

Crime &Confession trailer was dropped by Alt Balaji on 1st August. The date of release was 7th August 2021 on Alt Balaji platforms

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