Crime and Confession Indian anthology that will blow your mind.

Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima
Crime and Confession

Crime and Confession is Alt Balaji’s recently released series, creating a buzz for both good and bad reasons. Crime and Confession is an anthology that shows five different stories with every new episode, and there is a new perspective and new cast in every episode. It is mixed with lust, love, murder, crime, and every episode has a different story that is not connected with the previous one. It is a series that is created by different directors Sachin Kamlakar Khot, Sangeeta Rao, Rajat Chawla, Satbir Singh, Sarthak Dasgupta. Every episode is different from one another. It is an adult content series and me and for an 18+ audience only. Crime and Confession have a total of 6 different episodes, and every episode is directed by different directors. The cast of each and every episode is really powerful and strong and their acting skills are chef’s kiss.

Crime & Confession Release Date 

Crime &Confession trailer was dropped by Alt Balaji on 1st August. The date of release was 7th August 2021 on Alt Balaji platforms.

Crime and Confession Cast

The cast is filled with many talented actors and actresses and some of them are Sushant Kandya, Ankit Bathla, Ankita Chakraborty, Aniruddh Roy, Tarun Shukla, Samikssha Bhatnagar, Shreya Singh, Diya Shukla, Trishaan Maini, Pradeep Duhan, Ashish Trivedi, Arti Gupta, Workshop Khanna, Gibran Noorani, Tarun Kumar, Ashmith Kunder and many more.

Crime & Confession main theme 

Crime and Confession’s main theme revolves around many characters which are purely based on fictional. The main theme revolves around violence, crime sex and is meant for mature audiences only. It depicts 5 love stories with a dash of erotica love, lust, greed, longing, jealousy, gender politics and the story is not of the present time but of different eras. There is a total of 5 episodes and one season and the series is very well mixed with every theme.

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Crime & Confession plot 

This has 9 different stories with 9 different emotions, storylines, and plot the only thing that is similar to each and every episode is that there is some mystery, drama, murder, and many more. Episode 1 and episode 9 of the series are poles apart. But one thing is sure i.e you will be thrilled with each and every episode. The first episode began with murder and the last episode ended with some musical romantic story. Crime & Confession is not like your normal boring series every episode will leave you stunned and wanting more and more. It’s a very well-executed anthology as anthologies are harder to grasp for the audience as every episode is new. But Crime & Confession will make you hooked to the series. The series will let its audience find the different shades of lust, greed, longing, jealousy, gender politics. Crime and Confession will keep you hooked with each and every passing episode.

Crime & Confession where to watch? 

Crime and confession the full series of season 1 can be watched in the link given below.









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