Chunky Panday: Akshay Kumar’s initial career was a flop because of Chunky Pandey, everyone was shocked by the actor’s revelation


Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar needs no introduction in today’s time. Khiladi Kumar is currently one of the highest paid actors. At the same time, now actor Chunky Pandey has made a big disclosure about Akshay. Chunky has said that he taught acting and dancing to the superstar long before he entered films. Chunky even told that he knew that Akshay would definitely become a big star one day.

This is what Chunky Pandey said about Akshay Kumar

The origin story of Akshay Kumar surprisingly has its roots in Chunky Pandey. Recently Chunky was asked in an interview whether he really taught acting to Akshay. To this Chunky replied laughing, ‘Oh my god!Absolutely.’ Chunky stated that he attended Madhumati Dance Academy between 1986 and 1987, where he received training in acting, fighting, and dance.

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Chunky shared that when he was passing by the academy, Akshay Kumar was entering it. Chunky said, ‘He was younger than me. It was a custom for seniors to instruct juniors rather than teachers. So, I taught her dialogue delivery and good dance steps. , Chunky further added in his talk, ‘I knew 100 percent that this boy would become a star. When you see someone, you know it. He had that X-factor. Naturally, no one anticipated his meteoric rise to fame.

At the same time, Chunky quipped in the interview, ‘But till date Akshay Kumar has been telling people that the acting he did in the initial five years of his career was because of me and those films never worked. He then made the decision to abandon his “Chunky Pandey acting” and begin a new career in acting, and he became Akshay Kumar. Akshay Kumar and Chunky Pandey have won the hearts of the audience by working together in the ‘Housefull’ franchise.

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