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Abdu Rozik Aka Chota Bhaijaan’s New Restaurant – “Burgir” in Mumbai!

  Abdu Rozik, the owner of the newly opened 'Burgiir' restaurant in

Sandipan Sandipan

SBIHM: Shaping the Future of Hotel Management Aspirants in a Thriving Industry

  As the hospitality sector experiences remarkable growth in India, the demand

Sandipan Sandipan

Pepsi New Logo: Before It’s 125th Anniversary

It's the greatest Pepsi has ever looked at. The brand introduced a

Seema Rai Seema Rai

From a Modest Tea Stall to a Thriving Chain: The Inspiring Journey of Helly & Chilly

  Helly & Chilly has become a household name in India rising

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