BTS star Suga starts his military service

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Min Yoongi (Suga) is poised to join the military, following the recruitment of fellow BTS members Jin and J-Hope. In a livestream, the superstar broke the news to his supporters, vowing a return by 2025. Meanwhile, Bighit expounded on the information in an official note, demanding confidentiality in the process.

Members of the world’s most popular K-pop group are currently carrying out their responsibilities as South Korean citizens by enlisting in the army. With both idols getting buzz cuts and exchanging encouraging comments with fans before donning their uniforms.

Suga of BTS is the third member of the boy band to begin military service

All young, fit South Korean men, including K-pop stars, must serve in the military for 18 to 22 months. Suga, a member of BTS, will begin his mandatory military service this week, the group’s record label announced on Sunday. All young, fit Korean men, even pop stars, must serve between 18 and 22 months.

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Suga, 30, will begin his mandatory military service in South Korea on Friday, Sept. 22, according to a statement from BigHit Music. “There will not be any government-sponsored festivities taking part on the day he starts working or on the day he joins the training camp,” BigHit Music stated.

According to reports, the superstar revealed that he would be gone for 18 months but had prepared adequate stuff for his admirers in advance. This includes his popular drinking show Suchwita, on which Taehyung (BTS’ V) was the most recent guest. Suga also commented on how busy he’d been with the D-Day tour in August. And how he spent his time recovering and spending quality time with his family and group members.

Which other BTS members have begun military service?

Jin, the group’s oldest member, began his service in October, four months after the trio announced a break to pursue their own solo endeavors. BigHit Music announced in April that J-Hope would enlist in the army, making him the group’s second member to begin his mandatory service.

J-Hope’s more than 47 million Instagram followers saw photographs of him in uniform in August. The statute granted a two-year delay to BTS members Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.

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