Bollywood actor Sahil Khan booked in Mahadev betting app scam

Suhana Parvin
Suhana Parvin
Bollywood actor Sahil Khan booked in Mahadev betting app scam

In a shocking turn of events, Dabur Group Chairman Mohit V Burman and Director Gaurav V Burman find themselves embroiled in the Mahadev betting app case. The Mumbai Police named them in the FIR alongside 32 other individuals. Bollywood actor Sahil Khan booked in Mahadev betting app scam. The case, initiated on November 8, alleges fraudulent activities committed by the app’s promoters since 2019, with the accused collectively defrauding people of nearly Rs 15,000 crore.


Bollywood actor Sahil Khan booked in Mahadev betting app scam


Accused number 26 in the First Information Report (FIR) is Sahil Khan, who oversees a distinct online gambling program linked to Mahadev’s, as implied by the charges. The FIR accuses Sahil of not only promoting but also making substantial earnings through the use of the aforementioned software.

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Denial of Allegations by the Burman Family


The Burman family strongly rejects any accusations. They asserted their innocence and categorized the claims as unfounded and arising from “mischievous acts.” According to a statement made to CNBC TV-18 by a representative from Dabur, the family has not been officially notified about the FIR. They labeled the accusations as a malicious attempt with no factual basis, expressing confidence that a thorough investigation would vindicate their position.


The Burman Family’s Counterstatement


In a separate statement, the Burman family addressed the FIR directly, asserting that the accusations were false and devoid of truth. They highlighted the lack of any connection between Mohit Burman, Gaurav Burman, and the accused individuals mentioned in the FIR. The family claims to have never met the accused and emphasizes that the timing of the FIR coincides with their legitimate efforts to increase their shareholding in Religare Enterprises.


The Burman family suggests a possible ulterior motive behind the FIR, linking it to their pursuit of increasing their existing shareholding in Religare Enterprises. According to their statement, the FIR emerges as a countermove by vested interests to impede the acquisition process. The family remains resolute in their commitment to proceeding with the acquisition, despite what they describe as “arm-twisting” moves.


ED Investigation into Mahadev Book Online Betting APP


Meanwhile, the Directorate of Enforcement (ED) is actively investigating the Mahadev Book Online Betting APP syndicate. The ED alleges that the promoters of the betting syndicate are situated abroad. They are remotely running thousands of panels across India with the assistance of friends and associates. Authorities have already arrested four individuals. They have seized proceeds of crime amounting to more than Rs 450 crore. Leading to a prosecution complaint against 14 accused persons.


Political Connections and Election-Related Claims


The ED’s investigation took an unexpected turn, with claims related to political connections and election-related activities.  The agency alleges that large sums of cash were being moved in Chhattisgarh. The Mahadev APP promoters did this for assembly elections. Further revelations suggest that significant payments were allegedly made by the Mahadev APP promoters to Bhupesh Baghel. Totaling around Rs 508 crore. Notably, Bollywood actor Sahil Khan was booked in Mahadev betting app scam. He faces allegations of operating a separate online betting app connected to Mahadev. He is accused not only of promotion but also of reaping substantial profits from its operation.


As the investigation into the Mahadev betting app scam unfolds, the inclusion of prominent figures like Dabur Group Chairman Mohit V. Burman and Director Gaurav V. Burman adds a layer of complexity to the case. The Burman family vehemently denies any involvement. However, this unfolding legal proceeding will determine the veracity of the allegations.

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