Bhawani Garg : A seasoned web developer from Rourkela

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Bhawani Garg

Bhawani Garg comes from humble beginnings, from a small town in Odisha. Unlike most kids, he was a diligent kid right from the start. Computers were a scarce technology during his school days and were available for limited use only. Bhawani was infatuated with computers and the internet, right from the start. After completing his intermediate education, he was well versed in the web development technologies available at that time.

It all began with a few lines of code that allowed him to embed a picture with some text. Almost a decade has passed, but Bhawani’s curiosity has not dwindled to date. It is extremely satisfying to watch a developer who has mastered the craft but is still excited by the small changes to the technology. He finds solace in designing websites, web applications using WordPress and PHP, which are the best web development platforms according to him. 

“It has been a wild and tumultuous ride so far” is how Bhawani likes to explain his transition from an ordinary kid with average academics to a seasoned web developer. Reiterating the fact that Bhawani came from humble beginnings, it was very hard for him to get hold of a computer to practice. Initially, the teachers were skeptical to lend a computer to a student for practice, but they agreed to do so after witnessing Bhawani’s flair for web development. From practicing after hours to design a simple webpage to owning his first computer, it was certainly a much-appreciated upgrade for him. 

Bhawani Garg is a renowned freelance web designer and developer, who now boasts of a diverse clientele. He has designed extensive and functional websites for many business sectors including e-commerce and manufacturing. He swears by WordPress as a go-to platform to build responsive websites that are easy to navigate and not perplexing in design and implementation. Finding the right developer for your business website is like finding a needle in the haystack, but if you are lucky to have a developer like Bhawani, your business will take off on the digital spectrum.

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