BB Queen Shehnaz Gill in Bigg Boss 14 Today, Exclusive Details and Task Updates

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Bigg Boss 13 was so immensely popular, and one of the major reasons why was Punjab Ki Katrina Kaif, Shehnaz Gill. She is bubbly and filled with life. The previous season has been amazing owing to the entertainment which Shehnaz provided. She made people fall in love with her, and it isn’t shocking that she is the Queen of hearts and Bigg Boss.

This weekend Shehnaz will be entering the house for a special reason. She will be conducting a task and coming into the house to promote her new song, which will be releasing next week. Shehnaz sure knows how to make people love and laugh. She will be conducting a task with the housemates, which will be called Love Task. Shehnaz comes into the house as ‘Prem Ki Murti,’ and the task is titled Prem Ka Game.

The task is couple-based, and there will be mainly two couples who have shown chemistry within the house. The couples are – Eijaz and Pavitra, Jaan, and Nikki. At the end of the task, Shehnaz will allow a couple to go on a date. With Shehnaz coming into the house, it is natural that the episode will be filled with entertainment. The audience eagerly awaits to see their favorite contestant back into the house.

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