Balcony Buddies: series cast and plot

Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima
Balcony Buddies

The pandemic and the worldwide lockdown have taken a toll on our lives. Of all the damages it has done, ripping off our social lives is one of them. Locked up in our homes, not being able to meet friends and peers, I guess every one of us has felt the same emotional burden and immense loneliness. Depicting the same perspective in the form of a beautiful story of human connections and the need for social interaction is the new short film: Balcony Buddies.

This sweet story of friendship was released on MX player on the 1st of August that is Friendship day with 25 minutes of watch time.

MX player introduces a new form of streaming by filming it as an Interactive Film.

For those of you who are unaware of the concept, an Interactive Film is a form of cinema quite resembling a video game format. Here the viewers get to make decisions for the show characters when they are provided with different options at a decisive moment. Hence the viewer decides the storyline for a show by choosing an option. Also, they can go back and try out all the available options to end up with different storylines for the same show!

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The purpose behind this tech is to create a strong bond between the character and the viewer.

The relatable concept and the freshness in the filming tech make this show more interesting than ever.

Here is the Plot of the series:

The story revolves around Sunanda and Prateek, who are living in the same society, oblivious of each other’s existence. After the nationwide lockdown in 2020, everyone is stuck at their homes trying to be as productive as they could. Sunanda and Prateek try their best to do the same in their respective lives, but the need for social interaction kicks in as Aristotle once said, “Man is by nature a social animal”. This is the core motivation for the film.

As the balcony of the two faces each other’s, Prateek and Sunanda start interacting with each other with the help of Cue cards and String telephones. Soon they feel a connection and become the “Balcony Buddies”.

They start spending time on their balconies, make fashion decisions for each other, and uplift each other during these tough times. Their true friendship blooms in this sweet story. Look at the detailed Balcony Buddies Plot.

About the Starcast:

We can see some known and celebrated faces of the internet playing these characters and bringing smiles on your faces with their acting. The lovely Aisha Ahmed plays the character of Sunanda and the character of Prateek is played by the dashing Amol Parashar.

Both Aisha and Anmol are great at their performances. Also, they look very stylish with the amount of Amazon marketing that has been done in the film.

What to expect?

MX player presents a very relatable and fresh concept to the audience in this short film. It sends you on a joy ride of friendship. Writers take a smart step by avoiding the clichéd love angle between the protagonists at the end. This maintains the core concept of the film.

The screenplay and direction of Balcony Buddies are commendable.

Overall, Balcony Buddies is a must-watch for those who are looking for a light-hearted feel-good film to bring some smiles to the mundane lockdown life. Do check out the show available only on MX player for free!

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