Balcony Buddies Is The Perfect Binge Worthy Movie In This Lockdown

Ankita Gurung
Ankita Gurung
Balcony Buddies

MX player in partnership with Amazon released a new short film Balcony Buddies which is an interactive short film totally binge-worthy. The special interactive film, Balcony Buddies narrates the story of two people who become friends in the pandemic-induced lockdown of 2020. They meet each other through the balcony and develop a beautiful friendship. Balcony Buddies is directed by Debatma Mandal. It is a Romantic Drama, a feel-good short movie. This movie portrays the ups and downs people faced during the lockdown.

As man is a social being it’s difficult not to interact and just stay lonely and this film very beautifully portrays it. The most fun part about this short movie is that you can choose the outfits you want the characters to wear. From choosing an outfit for Prateek for an interview to choosing the outfit for Sunanda’s online date it makes the movie interactive and more fun.

Balcony Buddies  Released Date

Balcony Buddies was released on Friendship day i.e, 1 st August 2021 which is probably the best date to release the short movie as it was based on friendship in lockdown.

Balcony Buddies Cast

Balcony Buddies is a short movie that very beautifully portrays friendship keeping in mind the lockdown guidelines. There are only main two characters Prateek played by  Amol Parashar & Sunanda played by Aisha Ahmed.

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Balcony Buddies Main Theme

The central theme of Balcony Buddies is very carefully chosen to keep in mind the guidelines of lockdown. This short movie is based on lockdown trends, friendship, and also the emotions that people went through during the full lockdown in 2020. It very well portrays the emotional dilemma of an individual as we all are social beings.

Balcony Buddies Plot

The plot revolves around two individual who lives in the apartment opposite to each other. The two main characters are Prateek and Sunanda who are stuck in their respective house due to lockdown. The storyline is basically based on lockdown 2020 where people were stuck in their homes and couldn’t go out and meet new people.

The movie shows in such a short interval of time the various trend that came and went in lockdown like the dalgona coffee trend, ludo trend, getting fit, and many more. Prateek makes a paper cup phone through which they are connected with each other and communicate. Every day they come to the balcony to do yoga spend some time together playing games and also had a little date on their birthday. The best part of this movie was it is a new concept and interactive as the audience gets to choose the outfits of their choice for the protagonist which makes the audience feels that they are in the film itself. The small details like playing games online along with each, online video dating, cooking together and of course shopping we all know we did that as well in lockdown.

Where to watch?

Balcony Buddy’s full movie called be watched in the link given below.

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