Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Ram becomes enraged with Nandini for lying about Priya’s pregnancy

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

In Sony Entertainment Television Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2, Ram becomes enraged with Nandini for lying about Priya’s pregnancy

The episode of Bade acche lagte hain begins with Pihu thanking Chadda for his assistance. Chadda leaves. Sara says I should get some cup cakes and coffee. Ram claims that I am stressed. Ram and Pihu are in charge of the cupcakes. Priya apologises, but you do not need to see a lawyer. Pihu inquires whether you intend to remain together. She says, “I know you’re not going to agree, so I did this.” Priya inquires as to how you know.
In the next plot, Bade acche lagte hain Pihu claims to have overheard Ram discussing suing someone. Ram says it’s done now, so what should you do? Have the cupcakes, and then decide where to go. Pihu says, “I was relieved to learn that you are my father.” Ram breaks down and adores her.

When Ram gets Upset

Adi and Vikrant come there. Ram turns away. Sara says you know Pihu sued Ram and Priya. Ram gets upset and goes. Vikrant says we can’t help him when he doesn’t regard us anything. Priya comes come. She asks why did Meera support Pihu. Krish says Pihu has done a great job. Priya says you are encouraging her. Pihu says he is my best friend. Meera goes to take tea. Priya says you have done wrong today.

Pihu says sorry and hugs her. Priya says I hid the truth from you, I m sorry, its not Ram’s mistake, he is upset that you came here, I have no answer, but you have to think of the present instead the past. She asks Pihu not to do anything again. She thinks I will explain her what Ram and I are just a past now. Sara comes and asks why are you stressed, Pihu.

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2. The upcoming episodes of Sony Entertainment Television’s Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 will feature interesting drama. So far, Pihu has stated that she does not want to be with her parents because they are constantly fighting. Ram and Priya sit outside Pihu’s room and invite her out. Later, Ram and Priya discuss their differences and agree that they both adore Pihu. When Nandini and Vedika are provoked about Priya, Ram becomes more suspicious. Ram and Priya receive a custody notice for Pihu. As they stand in front of Pihu and the judge, they must confront the harsh reality.

Upcoming story of Bade acche lagte hain 2

In the upcoming episode, Nandini attempts to provoke Ram against Priya. She describes how Pihu went with Priya and refused to stay with her. Instead of manipulating her, Ram questions her about why she concealed Priya’s pregnancy. Will Nandini’s truth finally be revealed to Ram, or will Nandini be able to conceal it as she has in the past?

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