Anupama rejects Pakhi and Adhik’s wedding


Adhik searches for Pakhi in today’s episode. Anuj informs Adhik that Pakhi is helping her mother adjust her clothing. Adhik is waiting for Pakhi. Pakhi requests that Anupama┬árefrain from taking any action against her. As well she decides to teach Pakhi a lesson. She disregards Pakhi’s request. The sangeet is enjoyed by the Shahs and Kapdias. Pakhi requests that Anupama not ruin the festivities. Anupama turns off the function. Shahs and Kapdias are stunned. Vanraj inquires about her activities.

Anupama starts from the beginning

Anuj requests that the visitors leave since they need to discuss a family concern. Pakhi informs Vanraj about her desire. Anupama insists on calling off Pakhi’s wedding. Pakhi embraces Vanraj. Vanraj inquires of his ex-wife about the problem. She counts Pakhi’s blunder. Anupama reveals that Pakhi purchased jewellery worth 60 lakhs. Seeing the drama, Barkha grins. Adhik turns to face Barkha. The Shahs and Kapadias are speechless. Vanraj is taken aback when he learns the price. Anupama inquires of Vanraj whether he regards Pakhi as her princess or queen. She also apologised to Anuj on Pakhi’s behalf. Anuj requests that his wife not apologise on Pakhi’s behalf.

Anupama becomes serious about teaching Pakhi

She questions Pakhi about why she is silent when she should be shouting at her. Pakhi overcomes with emotion. Anupama claims Pakhi is jealous of her. She asks Pakhi what she has accomplished in her life that people are envious of. Also believes Vanraj is correct in disowning Pakhi. She claims that she will not learn from her mistake unless Pakhi continues to receive support. She believes that parents are always wrong when they support their children’s wrongdoing.

It continues when childs make mistakes and parents constantly chastise them. She claims that she raised Pakhi, Samar, and Paritosh well, but that she failed as a mother. Kavya claims Paritosh recognised her error, but Pakhi never does. Devika believes Pakhi should value whatever she has given.

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