Anupama spoiler : Pakhi seeks a destination wedding, which irritates


Adhik insisted that Pakhi sleep apart in today’s episode until their family would be embrace them. Adhik is praised by Pakhi. She tells Adhik that she values him greatly. Pakhi ordered by Adhik to speak with Anupama. Pakhi chooses to converse with Anupama.  However, informs Adhik that she would sleep with Anu while waiting for everything to fall into place.

Pakhi informs Anupama about Adhik’s request.  In addition also request to her mother put her to sleep. Pakhi sobs and expresses her anxiety to her beloved mother. She cries out her heart and admits that despite being with her, feels lonely. Anupama is asked to give a hug to her daughter Pakhi. Anupama embraces Pakhi and start to cry.

To Know Further:

The wedding of Pakhi and Adhik organized by Anuj

Paritosh leaves the scene and goes home. Vanraj quickly inquires about Paritosh’s return. Paritosh claims that after learning about Pakhi, he lost control of himself. He expresses shock that Pakhi made the same error as him. Adhik asks Anuj to see whether his firm has any opening for positions that would be suit for him. He claims he wants to assume Pakhi’s liability. Anuj chooses to assist Adhik. Thanks to Anuj from Adhik and Pakhi. Adhik’s endeavour  deemed false by Barkha.

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Pakhi is going to insist on a destination wedding

Anuj and his wife will organise the wedding of Adhik and Pakhi in the season premiere. Anupama going to be annoy by Pakhi’s insistence for a destination wedding. Will Anuj comply with Pakhi’s request? Only time will tell.

Adhik is confront by Barkha for taking advantage of Pakhi. Barkha’s strategy to trap Adhik is unsuccessful. He requests that Barkha avoid him and Pakhi. Adhik will be expose by Barkha. Shahs and Anuj discuss the union of Pakhi and Adhik. Vanraj turned down Anupama and Anuj’s proposal.

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