Anupama comforts Vanraj, although the latter is still upset at Pakhi


When Vanraj realises how much grief he caused his parents, he expresses his devastation to Anupama and says that he feels like killing himself. He is urged not to discuss ending his life, and Anupama explains why even Toshu is that way. She claims that because she couldn’t remain with him, neither can issues, so he shouldn’t give up lightly in the hopes that Pakhi will stop making fun of them.

Anupama remarks that it is nice to watch Kavya accept responsibility as she makes tea for everyone. Kavya responds that anything negative happening in the family is not something she likes. As she goes to speak with Vanraj, Anupama requests that she watch over Baa. Baa is concerned for Pakhi and the standing of the family. She is calmed by Kavya, who arrives.

Adhik and Pakhi should marry?

Vanraj is furious with Adhik and Pakhi since they were in the same room together. Anupama concedes that she believes Pakhi isn’t lying and actually cares about Adhik, thus they ought to talk to her about this. In order to send Adhik back to the US, Vanraj advises her to speak with Anuj and Barkha. Vanraj is advised by Bapuji to be gentle with Pakhi since she could like him after all. Vanraj predicts that their union won’t even survive for a prolonged period of time.

Pakhi approaches him and begs him to explain the significance of the marriage because he is so knowledgeable about it. She claims that he has married twice, so one can only hope that all goes well. She wonders why they are having marital problems. Baa concurs with Pakhi. Anuj appears and states that he, too, agrees with Baa. Vanraj invites Pakhi inside. She storms off in rage. Vanraj questions Anuj on how he could discuss Pakhi’s marriage in front of her.

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