Young Justice Been Renewed For Season 4

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Young Justice season 4, Branded Young Justice: Phantoms, will release on HBO Max. It will be the third home for the animated series, which premiered on Cartoon Network in 2010. It aired two seasons before being cancelled. But following a nearly six-year break, the show came back with a year, Young Justice: Outsiders, on DC Universe. Last season 4 renewal was announced in July 2019, with the name of the season shown at DC FanDome before this month.

Even though audiences have known for awhile Young Justice would come back with new episodes, a few doubted they’d launch on DC Universe. The streaming service became less relevant as WarnerMedia gradually moved reveals over to its platform, HBO Max. One, Stargirl, also found a home on The CW. All indications pointed to some pivot from DC Universe or at least a move away from releasing TV shows there. Now, WarnerMedia verified suspicions with the news DC Universe will be rebranded as DC Universe Limitless, comics-only subscription support. Along with that announcement came the reveal Young Justice’s new season will release on HBO Max, with fellow animated series Harley Quinn doing the same.

Though the news about DC Universe does not appear as much of a surprise, it is still a smart move by WarnerMedia. It’ll bring more readers to HBO Max, including Young Justice fans. Furthermore, it is going to give comics fans a place of their own, with special content they can’t find elsewhere. Hopefully, Young Justice remains a success when it moves to HBO Max.

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