You Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And All New Updates

Rishabh Shetty
Rishabh Shetty

‘You’ has become one of the most popular series on Netflix in a similar phenomenon to that which took place at the time. Both began as external productions -‘ You ‘was the first broadcast on the North American channel Lifetime but they ended up making the leap exclusively to the streaming platform and at the moment there is no end to sight for none of them.

In the case of ‘You,’ a third season has already been confirmed and now we are going to review everything you know so far about this new installment of Joe Goldberg’s “adventures”, both the story and the cast, without forgetting the possible release date.

The Plot

The end of the second season blew our expectations by revealing that Love was also a murderer and was also pregnant. The series said goodbye with what could have been a most twisted happy ending with the two characters starting a new life, but those responsible for ‘You’ wanted to say goodbye by opening the door for Joe to find his new romantic obsession in the neighborhood of next to.

Bear in mind that the Netflix series deviated significantly from the original Caroline Kepnes novel with that decision since Joe ended up in jail in the literary original and here he is free and at ease. Also, the third book has not yet been published, so it could perfectly be the point of no return where the series opts for a totally different path. In fact, the season three premiere is likely to roughly coincide in time with the book, so comparisons will be especially unavoidable.

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Sera Gamble, showrunner of ‘You’, confirmed that they had already got to work with the third season, but without specifying anything about the plot. Everything indicates that at the moment they are working on the scripts for the ten new episodes of the series already confirmed by Netflix.

The Cast

For now, it is only confirmed that Penn Badgley will return to give life to Joe Goldberg, the great protagonist of the series, and that Victoria Pedretti remains in the series playing Love Quinn, Joe’s obsession during the second season and that in its outcome it was revealed that they had even more things in common than it seemed.

For now, Netflix has confirmed the arrival of two new characters to the series in its third season: Sherry, an influencer mother who will befriend Love and who will be played by Shalita Grant and Cary, a millionaire man who will befriend Joe which will feature the face of Travis Van Winkle.

In addition, Scott Michael Foster, seen in ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ will get into the shoes of Ryan, a journalist with an addiction problem and several secrets …

The Trailer

Still, he has not even started filming the third season of ‘You’, so you have to wait to see images of what has been reserved for us the future of the series. To this day, there is nothing more than that ephemeral teaser that is limited to confirming the renewal of the series for a third season.

The Release Date

It is unknown at the moment that it will not be released until 2021. The reference we have is the time that passed between the first and second seasons, separated from each other by a little more than 15 months – the series debuted on Lifetime on September 9. September 2018 and the second arrived exclusively on Netflix on December 26, 2019-. If the same happens, the third season would arrive in March or April 2021.

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