WTC Final: The Ultimate Showdown between India vs Australia at Oval

WTC Final: The Ultimate Showdown between India vs Australia at Oval

The highly anticipated WTC final between India and Australia is set to kick off at Oval, London on Wednesday, 7th June. This pinnacle of cricketing excellence brings together the two most deserving teams after their consistent performances over the last two years.

WTC final: Weather Forecast and Pitch Report

As the battle unfolds, the weather forecast and pitch conditions will play a crucial role. The oval is a neutral venue for both India and Australia. So it eliminates any advantage for either side. England’s overcast conditions typically produce wickets that offer some movement for the bowlers. This makes the first period of play vital for both teams.

The Importance of the First Period of Play

The first period of play will set the tone for the entire match. Pitches at Oval favor initial movement. So, the team that adapts and performs better during these initial sessions will have a significant advantage.

Pitch Report – A Test for Batsmen and Seamers

The pitch at Oval has plenty of grass, ensuring its firmness throughout the five days of the match. Seamers can expect some initial movement, making the early overs crucial for both batting and bowling sides. Historically, batsmen tend to find their rhythm as the game progresses. That can be the case this time as well. The toss-winning captain will face the dilemma of whether to bat or bowl first.

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Clear and Sunny Days Ahead

For the first three days of the test match, London’s weather forecast predicts clear and sunny skies. With precipitation levels as low as 1% on the first 2 days and 2% on Friday, there is minimal chance of rain interrupting play during this period. The maximum temperature will be hovering around 22 degrees Celsius for the initial two days. It will rise to 24 degrees Celsius on the third day. Minimum temperature will be 10 degrees Celsius on the opening day.

Dramatic Weather Change on the Horizon

However, the weather takes a turn for the worse during the last two days of the match. Thunderstorms are predicted on 10th and 11th June. There is 70% probability of rain and a 28% chance of thunderstorms on the 10th. The picture will be more gloomy on 11th, with an 88% chance of rain and a 35% chance of thunderstorms. Fans will hope for the majority of the play to be completed within the first three days, as start-stop play may be a feature during the last two days.

Oval Records – A Look at the Past

In the 104 test matches played at Oval, teams batting first have won 37 matches, while chasing teams have won 29. India has played 14 tests at the Oval, winning 2, losing 3, and drawing 7. Australia, on the other hand, has participated in 34 test matches at this venue, winning 7, losing 14, and drawing 17.


As the world eagerly awaits the clash between India and Australia, the WTC final promises to be a battle for test cricket supremacy. Both teams have their sights set on claiming the ultimate prize, and only time will reveal the destiny of the world title.

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