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Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Written Episode Update for Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani: Anurag And Kajol Get Married

Anurag requests that the inspector arrest Priyanka’s mother. Kajol intervenes, and someone must put an end to this fight or it will continue indefinitely. She informs Priyanka’s mother that while loving someone is not wrong, forcing someone is, and that she should return home. Anurag claims that even if she files a complaint, she will not be able to have Kajol arrested because she has done nothing wrong. Kajol requests that she return home and stop supporting Priyanka. Inspector says her face shows she filed the wrong complaint and warns her not to bother Kajol and Anurag.

With their families’ blessings, Anurag and Kajol finally marry. The song Mahi Re Tumhe Kitna Chahne Lage.. is playing in the background. Pishima claims that her Kajol princess finally got her prince after marriage. Kajol and Anurag seek the blessings of the elders. Abhishek assures Kajol that he is confident she will keep Anurag happy; Anjali would be happy today if she were still alive.

Kajol misses her baba and believes that the truth always triumphs. Sharmila claims that whatever fate decreed occurred. Pishimaa expresses her delight. Arjun takes his rage out on Naina. Priyanka used to be unable to do anything, but now Kajol will live a lavish lifestyle. Arjun says he will not allow this to happen and takes her with him.

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In the Next Scene When Naina inquires whether she wishes to end her marriage in Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Pani

The post-wedding rituals of Anurag and Kajol begin. They carry out a ring-finding ritual. Anurag performs a song for Kajol. Kajol joins them in song. Everyone applauds for them. The farewell/bidayi ritual for Kajol begins. Kajol tells Baba that she will always be a part of this house. Let us go, says Anurag. Naina says Kajol got what she wanted and demands baba’s press keys, claiming Arjun needs them and Kajol will be busy with her marriage.

Kajol says they’ll talk about it later because the press belongs to the entire family. Naina inquires whether she wishes to end her marriage. Bulti asks her to stop lying because her family does not require money. Kajol warns Naina that the entire family owns this house and the press, and that Opu, Anu, and Chitra will run the press with her assistance.

Naina, according to Pishimaa, always betrays them. Chadana warns Naina that she will only return if she stops her conspiracies. Naina walks away frowning. Kajol breaks down. Bulti requests that she leave the house smiling. Chadana and Pishima request that she smile. Sharmila suggests that we perform the bidayi ritual. Kajol sobs while hugging each member of her family. They are all staring at Baba’s photo.

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