Written Update from the Pandya Store: Dhara and Rishita make a request to Raavi

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Written Update: Dhara and Rishita begin the episode by discussing their plan

Meanwhile, Deven instructs Shweta to keep the Garba near the swimming pool before the groom’s procession so that he can exchange under the water. Through the gesture, Dhara and Rishita request that Shiva bring Raavi here. Shiva approaches Raavi and makes the same motion. Raavi, on the other hand, does not understand him.

She believes he wants to romance her, but she refuses. Shiva drags Raavi around. He leads Raavi to the room of Dhara and Rishita. Dhara and Rishita ask Raavi to take the jewellery from Suman’s room and place it in the location of the Garba. Raavi refuses, fearing Suman’s repercussions if she finds out. Rishita and Dhara have threatened to cut ties with her. Raavi agrees to whatever they want.

Rishita tries to communicate with Dev through gestures. He doesn’t get it. Rishita becomes irritated and pours the jar of water on him. Shiva, on the other hand, says something to Raavi that she doesn’t understand. Shiva sits on the bed after hitting his forehead with his hand. Gautam assists Dhara in preparing for the Garba. Gautam falls for Dhara. Dev arrives at that precise moment. He closes his eyes and knocks on the door.

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Written Update Pandya Store Upcoming Twist

Suman is in charge of the logistics. Shweta and Krish arrive and begin to prepare. They accept her blessing. Suman inquires if they are prepared for Garba. They agree with a nod. Suman discusses the differences between a modern and traditional wedding. Suman tells Shweta that Rishita may speak harshly, but her heart is pure. She requests that Shweta not take her words to heart.

Shweta nods and says that by staying with them, she is beginning to understand them. Shweta approaches Suman with a request. She claims that the wedding will be broadcast live to her friends who live abroad and will be unable to attend her wedding. She requests that the Garba be kept near the swimming pool to demonstrate to her friends that there are modern people in India as well.

Suman concurs. Dhara and Raavi arrive at the location. They are aware of this. Dhara motions to Raavi. The latter requests that Suman give her the jewellery bag. Suman refuses, stating that she does not trust anyone but herself. Dhara gives Shweta a hug and compliments her appearance with gestures. She indicates that they should all perform Garba together. Shweta concurs. Meanwhile, Deven conceals counterfeit jewellery with fake hallmark marks.

Krish is pushed into the swimming pool by Dev. Deven is hiding out in the pool to exchange jewellery. Shweta is dragged into the water by Krish. Gautam says Krish and Shweta will do Garba in the pool while the rest of the family dances on the land. Dhara motions to Rishita. Rishita nods in agreement. Shweta is aware of this. Shweta suspects they’re up to something and considers informing Deven.

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