Written Update Anupamaa 22nd October 2022: Vanraj tries to explain things to Pakhi

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Anupamaa Written Update: Vanraj informs Pakhi that he has come to speak with her as a friend, not as a father. He informs her that he does not accept or reject her and Adhik’s relationship. He tells her to wait until they make a decision and to enjoy the Diwali festival.

Anuj tells Vanraj in today’s Anupamaa episode to understand and not react aggressively because Pakhi will do the same. If they understand Pakhi by knowing her plans, she may try to understand their perspectives as well. If they make a bad decision in anger, Pakhi and Adhik will be even more miserable because they believe they are madly in love and no one understands their love. Vanraj tells Anuj that he may sound harsh, but Anuj is neither Pakhi’s father nor her mother, and thus has no right to tell them about Pakhi’s future life.

Pakhi video calls Adhik and informs him that if their parents do not understand their love, they will not listen to them and will stick to their decision. Adhik promises Pakhi that he will never abandon her. Anupamaa approaches Vanraj and instructs him to speak with Pakhi and to ask Pakhi for some time. Anupamaa instructs Vanraj to inform Pakhi that they have yet to make a decision and will need time to do so before they can meet. Vanraj concurs with Anupamaa. She advises Vanraj to ignore Pakhi’s anxiety for a few days and to properly celebrate Diwali.

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Kavya tells Anupamaa and Anuj that they are losing sight of the fact that this is their first Diwali and that they should enjoy it to the fullest.Finally, in Anupamaa, Anuj tells Anupamaa that he has something to tell her but will tell her in the car. Adhik and Ankush are yelled at by Barkha for blaming her and revealing their plan. Adhik warns Barkha that if anyone stands in the way of him and Pakhi, he will not spare anyone. Pakhi writes in her diary that she and Adhik will be together for the rest of her life.

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Vanraj knocks at Pakhi’s door and comes and sits beside her and explains properly to her that they have not yet decided anything and till they decide she should not meet Adhik and tells her to enjoy Diwali. She tells Vanraj that she is ready to give them time but her decision is final that she will marry Adhik only. Anuj tells Anupamaa while in the car. Anupamaa tells Anuj that Barkha and Ankush can never be trusted. They come home and Adhik asks Anuj what happened there. Anupamaa tells Adhik to relax and that they will let them know their decision later.

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