World’s End 2060: Prediction date revealed in Isaac Newton letter

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Sir Isaac Newton foresaw the end of the world more than three centuries ago, according to newly discovered lost documents, and they don’t give humanity much more time. Sir Isaac Newton was a renowned English mathematician, physicist, and astronomer who is regarded as one of history’s most important scientists.

issac newton letter end of the world 2060

The Earl of Portsmouth believed the apocalypse will occur precisely 1,260 years after the establishment of the Holy Roman Empire. According to newly discovered papers that were initially found in the trunk at his home in 1969.

In a letter written in 1704 and shown in Jerusalem’s Hebrew University in 2007. Newton calculates the end-of-the-world date using the Book of Daniel in the Bible.

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What does the letter by Isaac Newton expose

The letter exposes a man who is typically thought of as a staunch rationalist as having a very spiritual side. In the papers, he boldly asserted that the Bible demonstrated the world would end in 2060 and added, “I see no reason for it to end sooner. It may end later. “I mention this not to declare when the end will occur, but rather to put an end to the hasty speculations of irrational folks who constantly forecast the end of the world.

How lost A startling apocalyptic prediction date was revealed in an Isaac Newton letter

As frequently as their forecasts are wrong, they do this by casting doubt on the sacred prophecies. It is unclear which specific passage from the Book of Daniel provided the impetus for his prophecy. The destruction of evil countries, the cessation of crying, and all sorrows. The liberation of the Jews from captivity. And the establishment of a thriving and eternal Kingdom, according to his prophecy, will occur in the final days.

It would seem, though, that Newton’s forecasts were not exceptional. During the “Decoding Baqtun” series on Amazon Prime. Don Carlos Barrios asserted that he had also determined a new date for the end of the world using the notorious Mayan calendar. We have what the Abuelos saw thousands of years ago, he declared in 2016.

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